Forgotten Soles Styles Run Larger Than Other Styles

Dear Shoe Lady,

I have recently bought size 12  W in Forgotten Soles Maui & Waikiki they are a little longer than the Australian size 12 but they will be Ok  the width is good,  I might add they look great and I have had lots of comments.

I am now going to look at buying 1 or 2 of the following:
Lava Nikki in Gold
Colorful Creations Debra in
Taupe satin
Touch Ups Abbey in gold
Dyeables Fiesta in Chocolate satin
Should I get size 12W or 11 W my shoe measures on your size chart 11.5″ long &  4.25″ wide. I have bunions (no problems) that accounts for the width.



Forgotten Soles Caprie Black

Caprie by Forgotten Soles is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal









Dear Rose,

I’m so happy that the Forgotten Soles styles worked for you!  But please keep in mind that the sizes in that brand do run generously.  The size charts reflect the common “best practices” sizing.  But some brands tend to run large or small.  Forgotten Soles runs large.  So if  they were a little long, you should still stick with the size 12W for the other styles.

The other three brands you mention, Colorful Creations, Touch Ups and Dyeables, are all brands that specialize in wedding and dressy evening styles.   These more “formal” shoes tend to be cut less generously and do not have such an open sandal type of design as the two Forgotten Soles styles.  I suggest you look for a 12WW in these brands.

Australia is a long way from the USA so I want to make sure you ask all the questions you need answered before ordering.  I notice that you say in your note that your feet measure 11.5 inches  (‘) long.  That means you should be wearing a size 15 or 16 in women’s shoes.  Since the Forgotten Soles ran only a bit long, I must have misunderstood your measurements.  Can you please remeasure and resend?


The Shoe Lady