Baby Huey Gets Compliments Now, Has Shoe Obsession

I was the 10th child of 10 children. So needless to say I got all the “hand me downs,” including shoes. I was the tallest and had the biggest feet than the rest of my siblings. ¬†As a child, I had this silly idea that because I was the last born, then that was the reason why I was so much bigger than my sisters. Plus to make matters worse, they would tease me by calling me “Baby Huey” after a cartoon character.

Since we were too poor to buy shoes, my mother would cut the heels down that my sisters had outgrown for me to wear. When that happen it made the toes of the shoes point up like Pinocchio; I felt like a clown. I swore when I grew up that I would travel the world to find the best shoes in my size. I didn’t have to do much traveling because of ¬† I call you my “candy shoe store.” You’ve made me obsess with shoes. They are so fashionable. Oh and the compliments, I love people looking at my feet now.



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