Girl Grew 5 Shoe Sizes in 5 Years, Now Size 12

I remember as a kid wanting to wear the shoes that all my friends were wearing.  Only one problem my feet were growing so fast all that my mother could afford to keep me in was dime-store tennis shoes (i.e. canvas Keds but cheaper).

It got so bad that between the ages of 6 and 11, I grew 5 sizes – popping the toe out of my cheap tennis shoes before I actually wore the out.  I was eleven years old 5’2”, 88 pounds and had a size 11 foot (awkward does not begin to describe it).

Thankfully I grew taller, and gained a few pounds. Although last year, at 34 years old I gain an additional size, making me now a size 12 and a nightmare to find shoes. has been a dream come true.

J M.


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