What US Size for a Euro Size 43?

Dear Shoe Lady,

I am 36 years old and live in Norway. I have a hard time finding great shoes
in my size. Found you by searching the internet, and were impressed by the

I use an european size 43, but when i see your size chart I should be ordering
a size 44 (12). I have never bought a pair of shoes in size 44, and I wonder
if a US size 43 is smaller than an european size 43? What size would you
recomend me to order? I thought i should be ordering 11w, but according the
size chart is 12w the size for me.

The length of my foot is 27,5cm, and the width of my foot is 11,3cm.

Greetings from Norway.


My Dear Charlotte,

This is an excellent question.

I appreciate how confusing this must be.  The short answer is that you must
compare the shape of your foot with the shape of the shoes you want.

The medium length answer is to invite you to read about how shoe sizes are
determined, what the sizing means and how to make judgments about shoe size
based on the length and width measurements of your feet.  Please read both
our shoe size and shoe width articles on our website.


The longer answer has to do with why you have been able to wear “European size” 43 and according to our charts, you need the equivalent of a “European
size” 44.  The dimensions you give are consistent with the 44.

There are several factors that could cause this either individually or in
1.  You’ve given a little too much extra space on your measurements of your
2.  You are used to wearing one particular brand of shoes that is not cut to
a standard Euro size.  There are actually several different interpretations
in Europe of what a Euro size is.  Some of our manufacturers in Scandinavia
do claim that their shoes are cut slightly larger than most Euro sizes.
3.  Euro sizes do run larger, or feel larger, in equivalent sizes because
they are cut slightly wider than the USA size in a medium width.
4.  Your feet are the length and width that you measure but they are
unusually thin from top to sole and so will fit into a smaller “container”.
Remember shoes measure the volume of your foot not just the length and
5.  You typically wear mules or shoes with an open back and/ or round toes
that allow you to fit into a smaller size than another style might allow.

Here is what I recommend:  Consider the size and shape of your feet in
relation to the shape of the shoes you want.  Unless the shoes are shaped
with an open back or a very round toe, I recommend you consider the 12W.
But this decision really requires a careful assessment by you of the
information I’ve provided here.

Best Wishes,
The Shoe Lady

2 thoughts on “What US Size for a Euro Size 43?

  1. Dear Shoe Lady, I have had problems finding shoes that wear great for a long time. I measured my foot this morning and the width of the biggest part of my foot is 3 3/4″ wide and 9 3/4 inches long. Do you have any suggestions I am a 52 year old active person. But I do have siatica on my right side so that gets aggravated with shoes that do not fit properly. Thank you, Kathy

  2. I’m having a hard time finding shoes that are size 7-4E. I have arthritis and gout and really need the extra width. Also, I don’t want a shoe that has the heel sticking out in back. This makes my foot slip down in front and hit the toe of the shoes. Can you help?

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