Bride needs shoes

Dear Shoe Lady, I received these shoes and they are too short.  I have measured my feet twice at shoe store and once per directions at and they measure 11.5 W.   What can I do?  I’m getting married in May and am getting pretty depressed about the shoe situation.

This needs to be handled quickly!  We know brides have enough to worry about besides their shoes fitting.  Shoe fit is more than just length.  It involves the width (side to side)  and the thickness (top to bottom) and the shape of your feet.  We love the Glamour ballet, but if it didn’t fit – you need to move on.  I suggest you order one of the ballet flats offered by Special Occasions in a size 13 AND a size 14. 


Rebecca by Special Occasions is a Low Heel Dressy Flat -

Send back the one that doesn’t fit.  If you get it in time, you can take a glue gun and add glitter, lace, etc. to dress it up.  Their flats have seen many of our customers through their wedding days!

If you measure your feet, follow the instructions and send us the information, we can help advise you on sizing.  We know A LOT about larger sized feet.  And we are painfully aware of how much bad information is out there for our sisters who need hard to find sizes.

The Shoe Lady