Lundi Fashion Boots Go Tech!

Finally the ancient art of shoemaking is entering the 21st century!  A brand new line of boots, “Lundi”, offers temperature control through your smart phone.  Freezing outside as you walk to work or class?  Turn the heat up to 80 degrees.  Indoors for the rest of the day?  Turn the heat down to 65 degrees. Great fashion boots for women.

These boots, designed and brought to market by Katie Lefkowitz, are now being funded through Kickstarter through early May 2016.

Twitter: @lundiboots –
Instagram: @lundiboots –

Question: Are you looking for Dressy or Casual Women’s Shoes? fans answered this survey with a preference for CASUAL chic shoes (30%).

Aerosoles' Birthright wedge heel slide in red.

Aerosoles’ Birthright wedge heel slide in red.











DRESSY with bling got 28% of the vote.

Vegas by Lava brand women's shoes.

Vegas by Lava brand women’s shoes.

24% of the voters were looking for “job interview” DRESSY.

Valerie, Brown by Ros Hommerson

Valerie, Brown by Ros Hommerson











Only 18% of the voters wanted CASUAL comfort!

Travelwalker in Coral from  Propet brand.

Travelwalker in Coral from Propet brand.

Bettie Page Size 12 Platform Pump is Stunning and Wearable

Dear Shoe Lady:
Hi I like the Betty page Cheryl blue pumps and think the right size would be a 12 med width. I am 5.11 and weight 185 lbs… you think I could wear them?

Available in size 12.  Stunning.  Wear like a work of art.

Available in size 12. Stunning. Wear like a work of art.

Dear Garry,

I think the royal blue Cheryl platform pumps by Bettie Page are stunning.  Having spent some time in a school of architecture, I find the metal ornamentation to be a refreshing change from the usual gew gaws one finds perched on the vamps of shoes.  The color is terrific.  So.  I’m puzzled.  Why could you not wear them?
Let me think of reasons.  I strongly urge you not to wear them for running, jogging or even standing for long periods.  I do not think they would wear well outdoors in inclement weather.  If you have a strong desire to not appear taller than a potential partner, I would advise against these, unless, of course, your partner is over 6’5″.  These are showpiece shoes.  Wear them like a work of art.
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

Dyeing Shoe Colors that POP for Bridesmaids in Wedding


Five of my bridesmaids are wearing a pewter dress and the other three are wearing royal blue . What color shoes should the girls in pewter wear ?  It’s a one strap satin dress right above the knee. The girls in royal blue have a floor length, long dress.  I wanted the girls in pewter to wear a pop color like blue shoes or something . Not sure.

Please help me . Any suggestions on color and style ?

Thank you



If you want the bridesmaid ladies to all have the same shoe style, or close to it AND you want a color that “pops”, you should look at the dyeable shoe choices.  The white shoes in this collection are dyeable:
The shoes come with a fabric swatch for test dyeing.  The bold colors look terrific.  If your colors are royal blue and pewter, what color(s) are your flowers?  Let’s say they are hot pink or orange?  Why not get shoes to match your flowers?  Or a third accent color you are using at the wedding?
Not knowing your taste or color scheme, or venue… I would run these ideas by whomever is helping you plan the wedding, including your bridesmaids.  The nice thing about dyeable shoes, you can dye them to match the royal blue dresses (for example) and then those ladies can dye them again to the color of their choice.
Here’s how you do this.  Buy the dyeable shoes. Make sure they fit.  Take the shoes, with color swatches you like, to a good full service shoe repair shop.  (Look in the phone book or online.  Shoe repair shops used to be on every corner practically, but not any more.)  The shoe repair person can dye the shoes (and also adjust the fit, like making the shoes a bit wider for bunions, etc.)  Expect the dyer to take about 2 extra days to let the shoes dry.  So don’t wait too long to take them in.
The dying process is relatively easy.  If you can’t find a shoe repair person or if you’d rather do it yourself, here is one of many places to get the dying materials:
PLEASE!  Do send as a picture of the results!  It sounds like it is going to be a beautiful wedding!
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

How Do You Make Your Own Shoes?


I was wondering if you do any tutoring on show making? Or know anyone who does? Since I’m trying to make a mean forme for my shoe.





I thought about your question on how to make shoes a lot.  So much that I thought I’d responded.

I don’t do this tutoring.  Nor, I believe, does
HOWEVER!  There are some very useful videos on YouTube.  Do a search for “how to make shoes” or ‘how to make a last for shoes”.  Take a look at the choices.  Please do report back and let us know your favorite videos on this topic!
Anyone else have suggestions on where to learn how to make your own shoes?
The Shoe Lady



Videos! We Want Videos of Shoes! Please Send

Dear Reader,

We are collecting short videos of people, particularly women, so we can watch what shoes they wear.  We would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to send us your short videos.  (Use or borrow a smart phone and email to

We want just legs and feet, people walking, so don’t worry about privacy.  Videos should be under about 1.5 minutes.  We want to know where you are – Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Wellesley College, Boulder hiking trail, Miami mall, Central Park, other?

Other videos we’d love to see?  Trying to  shop for  size 12 shoes.  Prom night shoe fashions. Interviewing women about what shoe size they wear, then measuring their feet to confirm.

Send the video with your name and best email address to us at  If we use the video on youtube, we will send you a gift certificate for shoes.


The Shoe Lady

PS:  Here is our YouTube channel:

Looking for Size 10 Wide Fun, Affordable Shoes to Kick the Blahs!

Dear Shoe Lady,

I live in East TN. U.S.A.  I have such a hard time finding size 10 D shoes that have style!!!   I would love to dress up sometimes, to kick the just turned 50 blahs…. but since I have no shoes, its pointless to bother…jeans are nice but these days I want to look a bit nicer for a dinner date….are there ANY stores that carry affordable shoes in my size…or do I have to live in flip flops and rain boots forever?  HELP!!!



 Dear Maria,

 There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to kick the blahs…. at any age!

I want to respond to two parts of your question before going deep into answers.  First, what makes you think you are a 10D?  This is also a 10W, a wide but not too wide size 10.  It is a shame (shame on the shoe industry!) that you have a hard time finding this size.  But since you do, and presumably haven’t seen many, I’m wondering why you think it is the right size?  You could be a 9 or even an 8 Extra Wide.  You could be a 10.5M.  Or you could just have a thicker foot or wider forefoot and so need to select shoe styles of a certain shape.  Please do read and and then use your knowledge to pick the correct size from this size chart  One of the saddest parts of my job is discovering how few women really know what size (or sizes!) shoes they should wear.  But for the purposes of answering your question, I will assume you are a 10 Wide.

Second, what is your definition of “affordable shoes”?  The Shoe Lady loves to holiday in the Bergdorf Goodman women’s shoe department.  It is free to go there and it is such a huge treat to see all those beautiful shoes.  But The Shoe Lady knows that “affordable shoes” at Bergdorf’s are around $500.  She assumes (again!) that this is probably not the price you had in mind?  Materials are a big component of shoe cost.  Leather vs. faux leather.  Another big component of cost is the size of the manufacturing run.  If the brand made 10,000 pair of that style, it will be a lot cheaper per pair than if the brand made 100 pair.  Location is also a factor for two reasons.  First, if they were manufactured in a country with low labor rates, they will be cheaper.  Second if they were manufactured in a country that keeps their dollar to local currency exchange rate artificially low, allowing the dollar to buy more, they will also be cheaper.  (China?  Could we be talking about you?)  So if you want to buy all leather shoes made in Italy where the cost of labor is based on a living wage and the Euro is strong, then you will pay more, no matter how big the manufacturing run for that style.  But you are looking for fun, fashionable shoes to kick those blahs!  They don’t have to be leather.  And China, in the last decade, has learned how to make excellent shoes.  So there are options.

Now let’s find a price range that is affordable.  The Shoe Lady thought she’d do an online search to confirm her idea of the average price of women’s shoes.  One source says $85.  One source says $49.  The Shoe Lady was prepared to guess $65.  And, as math would have it, the average between these two sources is $67.  Let’s go with $65.  This includes the occasional pair of leather boots, the fabric sneakers you found on sale, etc.  Now let’s make that average more affordable by knocking it down by 25% to $50.  I will assume (again!) that this is ok with you?

Let’s go shopping for size 10 wides and see what we can find that would kick those blahs for $50 or less?

I am attaching styles that I found today in size 10 wide at at this address:

The only exception, not on that page, is the Fit in Clouds style ($22) fits size 10W , each size covers half sizes and widths but you should order the size 11M because the 10W isn’t listed.  The prices range from $22 to $49.99.

But wait!  There’s more!  If you sign up for the ShoeNews email from, you will get a new discount coupon about once a week.  Those coupons help make shoes more affordable too.

Please do write and let me know if my assumptions about your shoe size and “affordable shoes” are correct?

Best to you,
The Shoe Lady


Bella Vita Deidre Black Patent platform sandal.  $46.54.

Bella Vita Deidre Black Patent platform sandal. $46.54.

Dyeables Grandeur in Merlot, strappy dress sandal, $27.97.

Dyeables Grandeur in Merlot, strappy dress sandal, $27.97.

Dyeables Elegance White slingback sandal,  $13.97.  Have it dyed or color it yourself!

Dyeables Elegance White slingback sandal, $13.97. Have it dyed or color it yourself!

Bella Vita brand Sante dressy sandal in Bronze.  $48.30

Bella Vita brand Sante dressy sandal in Bronze. $48.30

Bellini brand Dubai in Orange (also available in lime green).  $49.

Bellini brand Dubai in Orange (also available in lime green). $49.

Fit In Cloud Black Patent  flexi-fit ballet flat. $22.

Fit In Cloud Black Patent flexi-fit ballet flat. $22.

Touch Ups brand Abby dressy d’Orsay style pump in Silver. $47.

Aerosoles brand Raspberry in Purple Combo.  $49.99.

Aerosoles brand Raspberry in Purple Combo. $49.99.

Aerosoles brand Duble Down in Gold Snake.  $49.99

Aerosoles brand Duble Down in Gold Snake. $49.99

Touch Ups brand Gemini dressy pump in Black.  $49.99.

Touch Ups brand Gemini dressy pump in Black. $49.99.



Hiya, I was so surprised to find a response to my comment from you!  Thank you!
I have measured my feet and they are 4 1/8th W x 10 1/8th L   with what looks to be closer to the A shape than B…wet footprint…thanks to dogs water…lol (yes, I gave them fresh cleaned bowl) shows a very slight side mark between heel and ball of my foot…high arches! Ugh!
I live on my SSDI of 754.00 a month  and yes, it is very hard to find shoes!!
I plan to look at the shoes you suggested now but I wante to remember to thank you first!! Peace & thanks again from… hopefully,  barefoot & flip flops no more!!!




Trendiest Boots Come in Wide Shaft and Large Size Too

The Shoe Lady wishes to share her discoveries from the recent national shoe show in New York City, FFaNY – Fashion Footwear Association of New York.


Available in black or brown leather

With Fall coming on quickly, the first report will be about boots.  This looks like a great year for boots of all kinds,  low heeled riding boots, mid heel ankle boots and high heel platform sole boots are all looking strong.  We love that all these styles come to size 12, at minimum.  The Naturalizer slouch style is available in regular calf or wider calf widths (wide shaft).  These three styles, biker, platform with cut outs and slouch, are the trends The Shoe Lady noticed most.

Available in leather or suede. Colors include black, taupe, dark brown or navy.

Felicia- platform sole boot with cut outs by Ellie

Thigh high stretch boot with high stilleto heel and platform sole. Faux leather looks like patent.


Poll Results: Are You Shopping for Dressy or Casual Shoes?

The most recent results from the Community Poll at has 2381  responses.  Here’s the result.

Are you shopping for dressy or casual shoes?
REALLY dressy! 922 39%
Job interview dressy 487 20%
Casual but chic 631 27%
Casual & comfortable 341 14%

Looks like REALLY dressy won for Spring!  Big Prom and Wedding season.  Need Dressy shoes for those occasions!

Now that summer is here, let’s see what the poll will reveal.

The Shoe Lady