Eleven Year Old Needs Women’s Size 15 Shoes

This is my daughter’s story; she is only 11 years old!

My daughter is a size 13 in men’s* and she has now come to grips with her shoe size.  She is doing well with her size right now.  But it does bother her when kids in her class say, “Wow what size do you wear!”  I comfort her by telling her that God made in his image and there’s not a thing that he would like to change about her.  She smiles and is comforted until the problem arises again.

What am I supposed to say?  It hurts me more than it hurts her.



*note:  Size 13 men’s is roughly equivalent to size 14.5 – 15 women’s.

Fourteen Year Old Needs Size 15 Shoes – that are Cute for a Teen!

Hi Shoe Lady,

My 14 year old daughter is 6’2″ and wears a size 15 shoe. I have the hardest time finding age appropriate shoes (flats, sandals, low heels) for her. The shoes I find are either to high or not trendy enough for her age. She thinks they look too much like grown folks shoes. Please give me some advice on a site I can go to. And to, the shoes are soooo expensive when you get pass a size 12.

Please advise.


Dear Q,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you wrote on behalf of your daughter!  Please use this coupon code – your first name in all caps- and she’ll save 10% on her first order of size 15 shoes.

Everyone knows that women’s feet are getting longer fast.  The average size in 1990 was size 7.  Today it is size 9.  Tell me why shoe stores still stop at size 10?  What will they do in 2030 when the average women’s shoe size is size 11?  Will they still stop at size 10?  Whew!

I find 87 styles in size 15 on DesignerShoes.com today.  http://www.designershoes.com/?size=74.  Some of these are not appropriate for a 15 year old.  But I do think you will find some cute and inexpensive choices.  Manufacturers are beginning to realize that there is a big market here.

Also, I strongly suggest that you carefully measure her feet to make sure she really is a size 15.   Follow the instructions here:  http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/measure-feet   Let me know if you have any questions.


The Shoe Lady

Maybe Need Women’s Size 14? 15? 16? How Do I Know?

Hi Shoe lady.
Thanks for your previous feedback to my mail.
I have taken some measurements but hey were quite discouraging in compariosn to your size chart.
My length toe to heel was 32cm, and width was 11.3 cm. I saw that the size 15 was 29 cm, that means basically that there are no shoes that would fit me from your store… Ihope am wrong. Anyway back to the foot description, i have no bunions and i think my feet are soft and flabby. I love open toed shoes but we have very long winters here and i go in covered shoes almost 9 months a yr. I do not mind heels but i am 188cm tall so i really don’t need high heels. The shoes i am thinking of now are simple flat shoes for both work, casual and comfortable. I sit alot at work therefore need a flat shoe. I loved the ‘ All Black Crosstoe 11 By All Black. Would love some open toed shoes so am waiting for your advice. And by the way one of the shoes i bought that never fit was the Andiamo Island Pearlized Ivory Patent in size 13w.



Dear Denise-

I actually think the shoe chart measurements at DesignerShoes.com are pretty accurate.  But just because the shoe CHART measurements are correct, it doesn’t mean that the shoe MANUFACTURER measurements are correct or, for that matter, that your measurements of your feet are correct.  Particularly when we venture into the women’s size 14, 15, 16 sizes, there are many fewer shoe choices and the variations in fit characteristics in these sizes can be much greater than in more commonly made sizes like 7 or 8.
You need to double check your own measurements.  i suggest having someone else do it for you. Make sure they hold the pencil straight up and down, and keep it pressed tight against your foot. Another tip to estimate your size, try on men’s shoes that are in US sizes.  (I’ve found that Euro sizes can vary greatly depending on country of manufacture).  I’m guessing a men’s size 13 or 14 might be best for you?  Try on a few styles to get the best size across three or four styles.  Then compare this back to the US women’s size equivalent.
That said, because there are so few shoes made for women who need size 14 or more, we are all hoping that you will fit into a size 14W or 15.  Not enough choices but some.
Today there are 38 choices in 14W including some stylish flats by Barefoot Tess and by Samanta.  http://www.designershoes.com/?sizewidth=211
There are 80 choices available today in size 15M.  http://www.designershoes.com/?p=2&sizewidth=132.  Brands include Barefoot Tess, Forgotten Soles, Ellie, Takera and Tamarac (the moccasin loafers are a good comfort choice for cold wearther.)  The All Black Cross Strap styles are gone.  But they ran very small and narrow.  I think you would have been disappointed.
I’m assuming you are writing from an address outside the USA and want to avoid having to send back shoes that do not fit.  Please write me with your choices before placing your order.  Give me more size details on your feet and the styles and sizes you want to order.  I can’t promise they will fit, but I will see if I can get more information on the fit characteristics of your chosen shoes.
The Shoe Lady