Size 13 Teen Makes Holy Bargain for New Brown Boots

I have 4 pair of shoes in my trunk. 2 flat mules (black patent and woven black) and 2 flip flops (metallic and leather)
When I was a freshman in high school back in 1984 I was already a size 13M.  Like most women, there was not a shoe that I didn’t like.  Unfortunately my size was very hard if not impossible to find.  When we did find a store that carried shoes in my size the selection was usually only one of two shoes in black, blue or brown. (Nothing like, where were you 20 years ago???)   It was constantly disappointing to go new shoe shopping.

My freshman year, my parents really wanted to send me to Catholic school.  I had my own ideas and was really set on going to the local public school because I had been in parochial schools since I was 8.  This was to be my first chance at freedom in a public school.

My parents took me shoe shopping for the upcoming school year.  We came into Boston to the only shoe store at the time that carried size 13.  When we were there, I found these beautiful brown, soft leather boots that I absolutely fell in love with.  The problem was that they were over $100 and my parents did not want to spend that kind of money (in 1984 that was even more than today) But, they relented if I would change my mind and go to Catholic school.  I thought, “I’ll agree to go, wear them the first day, then go back on my side of the deal and continue to go to the public school I was already enrolled in. Since I will have worn the boots, there would be no way my parents could return worn boots.

My plan backfired.  My parents sent me to Catholic school in my new boots and 4 years later I was still there wearing them.  Is there nothing a girl won’t do for her favorite pair of shoes or boots?

 M F


Cops Confuse Her Size 13 Footprints for Burglar’s

I’ve had big feet since I was a little girl. I was teased a lot by other children. My mama always told me when kids pick on me to say God blessed me with big feet because tall graceful women always have balance.

When I graduated college I lived in a neighborhood that was OK, but had a lot of break ins. Sure enough one night my place was broken into. The day it happened was rainy and the ground was covered in mud. I was wearing size 11* men’s Timberland boots. The police and crime scene investigator came to check the place out and see if they could get any evidence. I followed them around the apartment without thinking to take my shoes off first.
The crime scene investigator looked around and noted, “looks like the perp didn’t wipe HIS feet before HE broke in. This might make good evidence against HIM.”
I stuck my boot covered foot into the print onto the carpet and told the bewildered cops, “those prints belong to me and I didn’t break into my own place!”



*note:  Size 11 men’s is roughly equivalent to size 12.5 – 13 women’s.

6 Feet Tall Size 13 Woman Sets Fashion Pace for Friends

I’ve always been Tall and been super conscious of the size of my feet.  My husband tells my daughters that when he first met me 12 years ago I would never take off my socks, and I wore sneakers.

Recently, with the availability of stylish shoes in large sizes for women I’ve shed my socks.  Now, I can’t wait for summer so that I can get a pedicure and don my open toe sandals.  I get compliments for men and women alike.  The best compliment I received was from girlfriend, a lady who wears a size 6 1/2.  She told me that although I wear a size 13 you couldn’t tell because my shoes always look good.
Finally, I earned my right of passage! I can now talk with the girls about shoes, the styles, which designer I’m wearing and the feeling is great. To know that I can find the same shoe and sometimes and even better looking shoe than my girlfriends who wear “average” sizes. HOORRAY! So at 6ft size 13 shoes, I stand out and set the pace for them to follow, and they’re having a hard time keeping up. LOL!

Adrienne 12.9.06

Shoeless No More! Woman With Size 13 Extra Wide Size Feet Has Choices.

Dear Shoe Lady,

I’m currently shoeless.   So I came across your site and was mezmerized!  I’m currently at 480lbs and 5’11.   I measured my foot at 11 inches and the girth at 10 inches and the width at 6 inches.   Please help me find the right sneaker!


Dear M. –

I do apologize for the delay in responding!  I have been at a NYC Shoe Show, taking a look at spring styles.  (More on that to come.)  But I’m back to my keyboard now.

Finding hard to find sizes like extra extra wide shoes for women is my reason for being here!  Based on your length and width, I am suggesting a size 13WWW for you.   (Take a look for yourself at this size chart.)   This size is also referred to as a 13 EEEE some places.  Please do read my article, About Shoe Widths  for more information about how manufacturers think about widths.  Basically, they are very imprecise.  And you must also consider the shape of your foot with the shape of the shoe.

I definitely suggest velcro or lace up closures or a mary jane strap style for you.  I’m guessing that your feet may swell during later parts of the day and you want to be able to give them some extra room.

New Balance lace up shoe style comes in size 13 Extra Extra Wide
A great choice for hard to fit feet.
Extra Extra Wide widths and other colors are available. Propet Breeze sandal in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW) New Balance lace up comes in other colors.  Great stability and comfort features.

I wish I had more choices to suggest to you.  As of today, I find 10 styles in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW)  at this url address.  Your best brands are going to be New Balance and Propet.  Both companies are just beginning to get in their Fall styles and have pretty much sold out of their Spring styles.  So you should have more choices by early September.

Thank you for writing,
The Shoe Lady

Need More Size 13WW Women’s Shoes for Work

Dear Shoe Lady,

I cannot find  cute flat work shoes in size 13WW.



Dear Eva-

 You are absolutely right!  This is a huge problem.  I will get right on it.  I think this may be a result of the recession.  Shoe companies backed off the larger sizes.  I’m finding some cute sandals but no flats.  Normally Propet would be a good choice for you.  But it looks like they didn’t make enough shoes in this size and have sold out.   Please make do with what you have for now until I can get more styles for you.
Also, do not buy the Antia’s which do show up in that size.  I have told the folks at Antia way too many times that a Euro size 43.5 is NOT a size 13.  And it certainly is not a size 13WW! tells me that they have the correct sizing for these Antia’s and will be resizing them shortly.  In the meantime, if you see Antia in a size 12 or 13, do NOT order it!
So sorry I can’t be more helpful right now.
UPDATE… not much improvement.  But you may find something suitable for work in the black crepe styles from Lava and Colorful Creations.  These are usually for dressy evening but until we can do better, give them a try.
Also, look at the options here:  And consider a 14W here:
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady – $100 Shopping Spree Winner

Irene, in Virginia, wins this week’s $100 Shoe Shopping Spree at! She will be shopping for $100 worth of shoes for her size 13M feet after winning this week’s drawing. We encourage Irene to post pictures of her FREE shoes on Facebook!

Maybe Irene wants these adorable booties by Barefoot Tess!

Barefoot Tess Ella Sand

Ella by Barefoot Tess is a High Heel Dressy Bootie

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Super Wide Feet !

Dear Shoe Lady,

Using your measuring guide my feet are 28cm long and 12.3cm wide. Reading your charts my length is 10½ but my width would require a massive size 13… I have always struggled finding shoes, in fact I never had a comfy pair!

Does anyone make shoes for my size?

Dear Sarah,

After reviewing your measurements a 28cm length puts you at a size 13 and your 12.3cm width puts you at a WW. Have you ever tried on 13WW?

Oh Sarah, yes of course, manufacturers do make a size 13WW. Take notice of the brand and tips scrolling through the photos.

Trotters Melanie Cognac at

Trotters Melanie Cognac is a Mid Heel Casual Slingback. Trotters’s women’s shoe size run is typically six widths, extra slim (AAAA), slim(AAA), narrow, medium, wide and extra wide(WW). Sizes range from 5 to 13

I found you can always take a pair of shoes to a shoe maker. Talk to him about what the problem is. To tight on the sides or causing blisters and they will happily stretch the shoes out, usually for free the first time. 100% worth it !

Annie Venice Zebra at

Annie Venice Zebra is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal. Annie’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), 7 extra wide (WW) to 13 extra wide (WW).

I love Annie Shoes. The fit is true and the styles are very trendy.

Antia Clarissa Mocha Full Grain at

Antia Clarissa is a Low Heel Casual Sandal. Antia’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), to 13 extra wide (WW)

The shoes may be hard on the eyes (in pictures) but they are stylish and suitable to wear with cute jeans, shorts of even a flirty. The photos do not do the shoe justice.

You are not alone. The average women is a size 9, not a 7, that the manufactures want to believe. Embrace your feet and treat them well.

Take care,
Shoe Lady.

$100 Shoe Shopping Spree Winner!

Kathy, in California, wins this week’s $100 Shoe Shopping Spree at! She will be shopping for $100 worth of shoes for her size 13M feet after winning this week’s drawing. We encourage Kathy to post pictures of her FREE shoes on Facebook!

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Aerosoles Cinch Worm Grey Combo at

Cinch Worm by Aerosoles is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

Time to start thinking about fall and winter shoe styles!

Transsexual shoes

Q: I want to know how to find women’s shoe’s in my size I’m a male to female transsexual who wears a size 12ww in mens shoe’s.

A: The general rule of thumb in converting mens sizes to womens is to add around 1 to 1.5 to the current number. If you wear a 12ww the size range in womens might be between 13 and 14. It isn’t an exact science, but the fun part is trying different styles within that range. You may also search directly for your target sizes and closest widths on Mens shoes are generally wider than women’s shoes, so I recommend getting certain styles stretched when necessary for maximum comfort. Consulting our Size Chart is a helpful jumping off point.

I own a pair of these amazing boots. Summer isn’t boot weather but they work under jeans or with a cute skirt or dress depending on my mood. I have large calves and don’t find these snug. Very supportive.

Samanta Viv Boot Black at

Viv Boot by Samanta is a High Heel Dressy Boot

Narrow to Wide Feet

Q: Hi! How fortunate that I finally found a shoe lady; hopefully you’ll be able to help me out. Due to some injuries and surgeries, I’ve gone from a 11 narrow to a 12-13 wide, needing extra depth. I’m already 6’1″ so don’t really like heels, plus they’re painful on feet like mine. Any suggestions for casual shoes would be appreciated. Thank you.

A: Here are some options to get you started! Casual shoes come in an array of styles, and often can complete an after five look as well. Happy searching, and I would love to know what you end up selecting.

Bella Vita Playmate Pewter Tumbled

Playmate by Bella Vita is a Low Heel Casual Loafer

Playmate in pewter by Bella Vita sports a stylish buckle to adorn this comfortable casual loafer.

Aerosoles Beccentric Grey Fabric

Beccentric by Aerosoles is a Low Heel Casual Flat

Aerosoles is known for their shoes that address both style and comfort! This ballet flat is a casual shoe that can make the transition to nighttime wear with ease.

Softwalk Treviso Dark Red

Treviso by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Mule

Softwalk’s Treviso in dark red has a modest heel with attention paid to the softness of the interior.

Softwalk Adora Black

Adora by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual

Softwalk’s Adora takes its inspiration from clogs, but adds extra support with a closed heel.

The Shoe Lady