What Size Shoes Should I Order?




Dear Shoe Lady,

What size should I order? My width is 4.6 and length is 11.2?



Dear B.H.,

An excellent, practical question.  I assume that you have read how to measure your feet correctly and understand that if you make a little slip and don’t keep the pencil straight up and down, and tight to the edge of your foot, you could end up with a very wrong size.
You should be shopping for a women’s 14M, 14 medium.  A size 13 is only 1/5th of an inch shorter, 11 inches.  If a shoe has an open toe, like a sandal, you may find that 13’s work for you too.  After you have asked such a nice simple question, I am loathe to make it more complicated.  But much depends on whether you have extra short or extra long toes.  A shoe’s size is really determined by the length between the heel and the ball of the foot.  So if your toes are disproportionately long, you’ll be buying a shoe that doesn’t quite hit in the right places around the ball of your foot.   Ah.  TMI.  Too much information.
Take a look at these styles.  http://www.designershoes.com/all-products?sizewidth=131  Size 14 shoes that look like women’s shoes are infernally hard to find.  There are 154 styles today from 13 different brands.
Walk in peace,
The Shoe Lady

Big Shoes On Porch Turned Date Into Husband

I bought my first house in 1995.  I wanted to keep my house clean, so I left my size 12* men’s Nikes on the front porch before going in.

On the night of my first date with my husband “to be”, he stopped to kiss me on the front porch.  It was the best kiss of my life!  He then asked me out again and again. We were married only 60 days after we met in 1996.  We celebrated our 9th anniversary this past month.

My mother commented to my husband how relentless he was in pursuing me in the beginning when my husband replied, “I figured she was dating another guy when I saw the big tennis shoes on her front porch that first night, I figured I had to compete for her and show her I was the best one!”



*(note:  A men’s size 12 is roughly a women’s size 13.5 – 14)

Size 14’s Are Not Always Correctly Sized?

Shoe Lady:

Lava Ivory silver metallic sandal. You advertise that the shoe can be purchased in a size 14. A few yrs ago, I  purchased the Cloud fit flat in a 14 and found  out that it was sized correctly . So, before I waste time ordering that sandal, I need to know if it is a true 14.



Dear Cassie-

I just checked.  The Lava silver sandal, I assume you mean the Barbara, is not available in size 14.  If it was, it is now sold out.  I’ve been asking Lava to make larger sizes, like a size 14.  But I don’t think they have yet.
I assume in your email you meant the Fit In Clouds brand shoes?  And that you meant it was NOT sized correctly?
They are a new brand and I, for one, am eternally grateful to the owner that he was willing to go to his factory and have them try to make a size 14.  The factory had never done it before.  Most factories refuse.  But the owner of Fit in Clouds prevailed. (They are a completely different company than Lava, by the way.)  It took a season for them to adjust the fit, with lots of conversations with me and with DesignerShoes.com customers.  The reason it is hard to find size 14 shoes is because brands don’t know how to size them correctly.
And…. I’m just sayin’ here…. when a brand actually DOES TRY to make a size 14,  it is better for us larger footed folks if we encourage and guide them, not criticize and scold them.  Just sayin’.
Consider throwing some kudos to Samanta and Barefoot Tess and Forgotten Soles and Maasai Sandals for the efforts they make to bring us more size 14‘s.
The Shoe Lady

8 Tips to Get Her “Groove” Back

For The Shoe Lady-
I am 56 years trying to get my groove back. I wear 13ww or 14 in size I am 6’1″, 245lbs need shoes! I want to look good and sexy as well. don’t like real high heels all the time, but would like 3″ heels. need all kind of sandals regular and sexy. love all kind of boots please help.

Dear Shirley,

Your note has been forwarded to me, The Shoe Lady, and I find it to be a totally delicious invitation to advise you on all kinds of aspects of your life. The Shoe Lady likes to think that she knows more about advice giving and feels hemmed in by the assumption that she should limit herself only to shoe advice. So we will start at the top, work through the middle and end up with shoe advice. Here is your 8 point plan to get your groove back (a goal that I agree with completely).

1. Sleep. You are at that age where you may find yourself waking up at 3 AM and staring at the ceiling. 7+ hours is very important to avoid dark circles under the eyes and maintain your charming personality. Don’t do sleeping pills. Ask your doctor about warm milk, cold bedrooms, hot baths, gabapentin, etc.  Dana red patent pump by Samanta bft1168elizabethwedgemintgreen004 bft1191avalonsilver012 bft1177belizeneonmagenta013 Minnie_3133_1 propet_megan_pew_1
2. Hair. Find a friend or a professional or a professional friend that can advise you on your face shape and whether you will look better with hair pulled back, cut short, chin length? Get a good cut styled to flatter your face and your body size. Consider color. Personally I believe everyone looks better with a streak or two of purple in their hair. But it may not be for you.
3. Posture. Get those shoulders back. Stand up straight. Are you sure you are only 6’1″? Try for stretching to 6’2″. Related to posture, keep your joints limber so you walk and move smoothly. We’re talking gym time here. Yoga time too. Pilates. You get the picture.
4. Clothes Style. First assess your body shape. I’ll make it easy. Do you have a waist or not. If you do, consider styles that accentuate that. If you do not, consider straight tunic tops and light weight jackets that go to your hips.
5. Clothes Color. Have your colors done. Are you a summer? sping? fall? winter? Find your most flattering colors. Wear those only, especially near . Favorite color not on the list? Buy your shoes in that color.
6. Personal Style. Now assess your personality. Are you happiest in colorful clothes? Monochrome? Long flowing skirts? Tailored slacks? Pick a personality and dress to it. Have fun with it. Make sure you pick styles that are cut in a way that is flattering to your frame then play with color and style.
7. Food. Just like we’ve always heard, what we eat matters to how we look. Get enough calcium and enough oils. The mediterranean diet with fish and olive oil is a great choice.
8. Shoes. You thought I ‘d never get here?!
A. Shoe Size. PLEASE read my article about How to Measure your Feet. It is entirely possible that you are a 13WW or 14M, depending on the shoe shape. Most people do range over 2 to 3 size/width combinations. But I fear it is very likely that you’ve never had the chance to try on more shoes than the rare size 14. Let’s find out your best size and work from there.
B. Shoe Style. Now we are getting your groove back. Like your clothes, your shoes should match your personal style, what you feel comfortable in. We don’t want you trying to look like someone you saw in Vogue. We want you to look like a happy, healthy, groovy YOU. For every day wear shoes, for a woman approaching a certain age, I think it is important to wear shoes that you can stand in for an hour and walk in for at least 10 blocks. Look for thicker soles and heels that are under 1.5 inches. You can make them fun by getting colors, experimenting with contrasting colorful solids or print tights or socks. Look at Propet or Barefoot Tess for sizes 13WW or 14. For sandals, try Forgotten Soles and watch for larger sizes arriving soon in the Maasai sandals. For special occasions when you want the glamorous groovy, look at Samanta. The platform soles are easy on your feet, but the high heels should only be for special occasions. For cocktail party dressy, you will find a great selection of lower heeled strappy sandals and dressy slingbacks with Colorful Creations and Annie. Please write back in boot season and I’ll give you more suggestions. In general, find 13WW here and 14M here.


Heather, Cayenne Red, Fisherman’s Sandal by Propet

Autumn Red T-strap peep toe platform pump by Samanta

Please do let me know what your real size turns out to be, and if you have any more questions. I wish you the best in recovering your grooviness!

The Shoe Lady

Transsexual shoes

Q: I want to know how to find women’s shoe’s in my size I’m a male to female transsexual who wears a size 12ww in mens shoe’s.

A: The general rule of thumb in converting mens sizes to womens is to add around 1 to 1.5 to the current number. If you wear a 12ww the size range in womens might be between 13 and 14. It isn’t an exact science, but the fun part is trying different styles within that range. You may also search directly for your target sizes and closest widths on DesignerShoes.com. Mens shoes are generally wider than women’s shoes, so I recommend getting certain styles stretched when necessary for maximum comfort. Consulting our Size Chart is a helpful jumping off point.

I own a pair of these amazing boots. Summer isn’t boot weather but they work under jeans or with a cute skirt or dress depending on my mood. I have large calves and don’t find these snug. Very supportive.

Samanta Viv Boot Black at AskTheShoeLady.com

Viv Boot by Samanta is a High Heel Dressy Boot

Fitting shoes for me – Quality Matters!

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, i LOVE the samanta viv pump in beige and the ellie black 8400, my foot measures 28 and a half cm long by 10.25 cm wide using your measuring guide. what sizes should i look for in these shoes? thank you!

Samanta Viv Pump Beige at DesignerShoes.com

Viv Pump by Samanta is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Ellie 8400 Black at DesignerShoes.com

8400 by Ellie is a High Heel Dressy Pump

A: My Dear Isobel,
You sexy thing. You should be looking at a USA size 14. It sounds like you have a relatively narrow foot so you may need to add an inner sole to keep these pumps pumping. The Viv Pump runs on the wide side. I believe the Ellie 8400 is a good medium.

I hope that answers the “fit” questions. But please keep in mind there is a HUGE difference in the quality and styling detail for these shoes. The Viv Pump by Samanta is in a “couture” class, using premium materials, comfort features and styling like the hidden platform. The Viv Pump is all leather and is a shoe for your lifetime. Ellie is meant to be a special occasion shoe to get you noticed but don’t expect a lot of hard ware. It is a fun HIGH heel, but it is not leather.

The Shoe Lady