Foot Surgery Helps Size 12 Woman

When I was about ten I had a major operation on my right foot.  I had a bunion and my second toe was called a hammer toe. I had 42 stitches on that foot and a steel pin in my toe to make it stand straight.  I wore a cast with a heel up to my knee for I don’t recall how long. I have very ugly feet even though I had the operation so I was not in a rush to wear my feet in sandals, or even take my shoes off in front of people.
Now I’m 50; I love shoes, occasionally I can afford some really expensive great looking shoes, but am very happy to be wearing payless shoes in my size 11,12. I have a small collection of shoes, notebooks with shoes, I love greeting cards with shoes and my friends send my things with shoes on it.  How grateful I am that I have my ugly feet and did not have to have toes removed like the girl next to me in the hospital back then.  I do wear my feet out somewhat and will take my shoes off in front of people.  Hope she is as happy as my ugly feet and me.



Girl Grew 5 Shoe Sizes in 5 Years, Now Size 12

I remember as a kid wanting to wear the shoes that all my friends were wearing.  Only one problem my feet were growing so fast all that my mother could afford to keep me in was dime-store tennis shoes (i.e. canvas Keds but cheaper).

It got so bad that between the ages of 6 and 11, I grew 5 sizes – popping the toe out of my cheap tennis shoes before I actually wore the out.  I was eleven years old 5’2”, 88 pounds and had a size 11 foot (awkward does not begin to describe it).

Thankfully I grew taller, and gained a few pounds. Although last year, at 34 years old I gain an additional size, making me now a size 12 and a nightmare to find shoes. has been a dream come true.

J M.


Cops Confuse Her Size 13 Footprints for Burglar’s

I’ve had big feet since I was a little girl. I was teased a lot by other children. My mama always told me when kids pick on me to say God blessed me with big feet because tall graceful women always have balance.

When I graduated college I lived in a neighborhood that was OK, but had a lot of break ins. Sure enough one night my place was broken into. The day it happened was rainy and the ground was covered in mud. I was wearing size 11* men’s Timberland boots. The police and crime scene investigator came to check the place out and see if they could get any evidence. I followed them around the apartment without thinking to take my shoes off first.
The crime scene investigator looked around and noted, “looks like the perp didn’t wipe HIS feet before HE broke in. This might make good evidence against HIM.”
I stuck my boot covered foot into the print onto the carpet and told the bewildered cops, “those prints belong to me and I didn’t break into my own place!”



*note:  Size 11 men’s is roughly equivalent to size 12.5 – 13 women’s.

Eleven Year Old Needs Women’s Size 15 Shoes

This is my daughter’s story; she is only 11 years old!

My daughter is a size 13 in men’s* and she has now come to grips with her shoe size.  She is doing well with her size right now.  But it does bother her when kids in her class say, “Wow what size do you wear!”  I comfort her by telling her that God made in his image and there’s not a thing that he would like to change about her.  She smiles and is comforted until the problem arises again.

What am I supposed to say?  It hurts me more than it hurts her.



*note:  Size 13 men’s is roughly equivalent to size 14.5 – 15 women’s.

6 Feet Tall Size 13 Woman Sets Fashion Pace for Friends

I’ve always been Tall and been super conscious of the size of my feet.  My husband tells my daughters that when he first met me 12 years ago I would never take off my socks, and I wore sneakers.

Recently, with the availability of stylish shoes in large sizes for women I’ve shed my socks.  Now, I can’t wait for summer so that I can get a pedicure and don my open toe sandals.  I get compliments for men and women alike.  The best compliment I received was from girlfriend, a lady who wears a size 6 1/2.  She told me that although I wear a size 13 you couldn’t tell because my shoes always look good.
Finally, I earned my right of passage! I can now talk with the girls about shoes, the styles, which designer I’m wearing and the feeling is great. To know that I can find the same shoe and sometimes and even better looking shoe than my girlfriends who wear “average” sizes. HOORRAY! So at 6ft size 13 shoes, I stand out and set the pace for them to follow, and they’re having a hard time keeping up. LOL!

Adrienne 12.9.06

Big Shoes On Porch Turned Date Into Husband

I bought my first house in 1995.  I wanted to keep my house clean, so I left my size 12* men’s Nikes on the front porch before going in.

On the night of my first date with my husband “to be”, he stopped to kiss me on the front porch.  It was the best kiss of my life!  He then asked me out again and again. We were married only 60 days after we met in 1996.  We celebrated our 9th anniversary this past month.

My mother commented to my husband how relentless he was in pursuing me in the beginning when my husband replied, “I figured she was dating another guy when I saw the big tennis shoes on her front porch that first night, I figured I had to compete for her and show her I was the best one!”



*(note:  A men’s size 12 is roughly a women’s size 13.5 – 14)

Woman In Search of Fashionable Size 11 Shoes

The first thing Dr. Paris announced when he pulled me from my mother’s womb was, “Well, she may be a ‘premee,’ but she SURE had a lot turn out for feet!”

Big-footed at birth with the most pitiful wail my mother said she ever heard a child cry, I continued that clamoring anytime I went searching for shoes. The well was dry. The scenario was dreadfully repetitive: “Looking for anything special?” the salesclerk would always ask.  “All the time!” I’d shoot back quickly.  It was the 70’s, and I was a woman in search of fashionable size 11 shoes. Wearing men’s sandals with socks wasn’t getting it! I got to the point where I’d just say to the clerk, “Got anything for these cruise-liners of mine that isn’t frumpy, matronly, or pumps?”

In the 80’s, I recall finding adorable, black, high-top, lace-up boots that were made in 11’s but the store wouldn’t stock them. They always had some lame excuse for not ordering them. So, I wrote the manufacturer directly. I dipped my foot in red paint, pressed my mammoth footprint on a page, and typed around it a pleading request to send me their boot in that elusive size 11. I was a desperate woman, emotionally and physically distraught!

Today, however, there are options!  It’s called, and that’s no small feat (literally)! Imagine what it must have taken to pull this fabulous collection of shoes off for us.  Thanks to a weary friend, who was tired of hearing my plight for housing my feet attractively, I googled “BIG SHOES FOR WOMEN.” I will never lack again, thanks to DesignerShoes!



Tall Majorette Needs Size 12 Shoes, Must Wear Sneakers

I turned seven years old my shoe size was seven.  Every year older the shoe size fit the age. It was the 60’s and I lived in Kansas. Where to find a shoe for a twelve year old, six foot tall, with a size twelve foot?

Finally at twelve my shoe size leveled off to a size 12, (but now as an adult I wear a 13) I remember my mom taking me from store to store where a size ten was the largest size.  At twelve and a seventh grader I was chosen to be a majorette. I was required to wear a black and white oxford. I was so embarrassed trying every store with no hope. You couldn’t even order one. I ended up with a tennis shoe. Most manufacturer’s didn’t make a size above a 10 and they weren’t stylish and young but old and ugly. But now thanks to “” I can leave all that behind.  And let me tell you I look like a designer in style!!!



From Childhood To Retirement, Narrow Feet Have Been Expensive

Since I started wearing shoes, back in the good old days, my parents had a very hard time finding shoes to fit me.  At first my feet were just very narrow but as I grew older the feet began to grow longer.  From the time I was 5 or 6 my feet grow with my age (Age 6, size 6; age 9, size 9; age 11 size 11 all in narrow) but thank goodness they stopped there.  There was only one store in our town that sold size 11 AA with AAA heel but they were more for mature people and of course had to be order special.  I know they were very expensive so I didn’t have the variety of shoes my girl friends had.  I remember when I was in high school wearing brown and white oxfords to school and I had one pair of dress shoes for church and special occasions.

We lived in an area where shoes were manufactured and my parents looked into having a last made for me, but each style of shoe would need its own last.  I said no, as a teen I wanted as much of a variety of styles as possible.

As I grew older more manufactures started making size 11 narrow shoes but they were still very expensive.  My friends could buy several pairs for the price of one pair for me.

Now size 11’s are very common but as in all things, as I approached retirement my feet have grown again.  I now wear size 12 narrow or medium and there are very few available at any price and being retired doesn’t again I can’t afford high prices.  Try to find a snow boot in size 12, HA!

I blame my Father for these long narrow feet.  When he past away at 75 he was wearing size 14 narrow.  Thanks Dad!



Women Wearing Size 11AAAA Shoes Have a Special Bond

I wear an 11AAAA so I still have challenges to find shoes that fit my larger footprint. I, consequently, adore each pair of shoes that I have and never take them for granted. Each pair of shoes that I own has stories of things that happened when I wore that pair of shoes.

I have found a few other women who have my size of shoe. Our bond is instant and strong, a thing that could never be shared by the 7 1/2 Mediums of the world.