Ros Hommerson Sandal Fits the Bill for 10WW With Bunions

Finding has been like winning the lottery for me.  I wear size 10 WW shoes and can never find a sandal that will hide the large bunions I have.  It has been almost impossible to find that extra wide shoes size in almost any style shoe.

After shopping in your store, I came across the Scottsdale sandal by Ros Hommerson*, which fits the bill.  How exciting to be able to wear a sandal for the first time.  I cannot tell you how many sandals I have wanted to purchase, and when trying them on they would either hurt or call attention to the bunions. The Scottsdale sandal certainly works for me.

 B L


*note:  Ros Hommerson had been one of the most popular brands at  The brand has not been producing new styles for awhile so it is great to announce that as of Fall 2013 their styles in sizes from 4 to 13 and widths from AAAA (extra slim) to EE (extra wide).  And they have size 11.5 too!  A special interest for The Shoe Lady!

Top 10 Reasons Women Can’t Find Shoes that Fit

The Inside Scoop:
Top 10 Reasons Women Can’t Find Shoes that Fit

The Shoe Lady has just returned from a major shoe show in New York City. These shows are all about choices and options and yet as she wandered the streets of Manhattan she was reminded how hard it was for her and other taller and not perfectly average women (of the 1950s) to find clothes that fit. She was even wondering where she could, at a reasonable cost, buy the fabric and have the styles of her choice made just a couple of inches longer in the backwaist and a couple of inches longer in the leg and, oh maybe an inch longer in the arm. Somehow in the age of individual medicine, individual media and made to order cars, it was still so hard to find anything modern and fashionable that really fits us. Nearly 20 years after the Show Lady started to help women find shows that fit she wondered why things had not progressed faster and what we could do about it for ourselves and our daughters.. Here she has more insight into why her 11.5 M feet can’t find the range of style choices she’d like. While the world awaits a solution to her clothing problems, she tackles the Shoe Question.
1. Customers do not understand the width system in shoe sizing, or even that widths other than medium are available. So they do not ask for what they don’t see. This is where the problem begins. A woman who needs a 7WW will buy a 10M. Really.
2. Shoe companies complain about the cost of producing additional “lasts” (the frame a shoe is built on) for additional sizes and widths, beyond the basic whole sizes from 5 to 10. So they save money by making fewer lasts. Six different sized lasts for 8,000 pairs compared to 85 different lasts for 8,000 pairs saves a lot of money.
3. Factories that shoe companies hire to make the shoes would much prefer to do longer production runs of fewer sizes and widths than shorter runs with more sizes and widths because there is an additional “set up” time every time they have to change a size/ width. This is distracting for the factory worker, offers opportunities for error and the price for this extra “set up” time is not routinely built into the production price. So the factories make less money than they would with fewer last changes.
4. Shoe companies are reluctant to push factories to do the extra sizes and widths because a good factory is hard to find and they don’t want to strain the relationship with good factories.
5. Shoe companies believe the more sizes and widths (or “categories”) that a shoe style is separated into, the more likely there will be unsold inventory at the end of season. Some of these categories may not sell out, leaving the shoe company with leftover shoes in odd sizes.
6. Shoe companies plan based on prior year sales, for what they will order in each size/width category based on what they sold the prior year in that size/width category. And they’ve been looking backward for years.
7. Shoe companies do not factor in the substantial change in women’s average shoe size, from size 7 in 1990 to size 9 in 2013. Since they don’t track real size trends in the population, they are at the mercy of what they think the sales might be based on prior year selling history.
8. Shoe companies do not track the sales lost because the sizes were not available. Vendor analysis show turns per style, per color, per heel height, re-orders and other data related to the style of the shoe and the retailer. But they do not track the number of shoes sold per size, the change over time in that size profile and the estimate of the sales they lost because sizes were not available.
9. “Brick and mortar” shoe store pre-season orders skew production plans for shoes. Due to space and financial constraints, brick and mortar stores have rarely been interested in carrying a wide variety of sizes and widths. Their sales are primarily based on visual cues to attract the customer, such as the styles shown in the window and on the salon shelves. Six sizes and only one width suits this business model perfectly. It is up to the customer to squeeze into the shoe or go without. So companies are not inclined to argue with factories for sizes and widths that their core brick and mortar retailers don’t want. So shoe companies are not inclined to argue with factories for sizes and widths that their core brick & mortar retailers don’t want.
10. At the end of the season, shoe companies only remember the odd sized leftover inventory, the over and under sizes (over size 10, under size 7 and extra narrows, wides and extra wides they have. They take this bad memory into the production planning for the next season, bringing an additional bias against over and under sizes, narrower and wider widths.  

Shoeless No More! Woman With Size 13 Extra Wide Size Feet Has Choices.

Dear Shoe Lady,

I’m currently shoeless.   So I came across your site and was mezmerized!  I’m currently at 480lbs and 5’11.   I measured my foot at 11 inches and the girth at 10 inches and the width at 6 inches.   Please help me find the right sneaker!


Dear M. –

I do apologize for the delay in responding!  I have been at a NYC Shoe Show, taking a look at spring styles.  (More on that to come.)  But I’m back to my keyboard now.

Finding hard to find sizes like extra extra wide shoes for women is my reason for being here!  Based on your length and width, I am suggesting a size 13WWW for you.   (Take a look for yourself at this size chart.)   This size is also referred to as a 13 EEEE some places.  Please do read my article, About Shoe Widths  for more information about how manufacturers think about widths.  Basically, they are very imprecise.  And you must also consider the shape of your foot with the shape of the shoe.

I definitely suggest velcro or lace up closures or a mary jane strap style for you.  I’m guessing that your feet may swell during later parts of the day and you want to be able to give them some extra room.

New Balance lace up shoe style comes in size 13 Extra Extra Wide
A great choice for hard to fit feet.
Extra Extra Wide widths and other colors are available. Propet Breeze sandal in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW) New Balance lace up comes in other colors.  Great stability and comfort features.

I wish I had more choices to suggest to you.  As of today, I find 10 styles in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW)  at this url address.  Your best brands are going to be New Balance and Propet.  Both companies are just beginning to get in their Fall styles and have pretty much sold out of their Spring styles.  So you should have more choices by early September.

Thank you for writing,
The Shoe Lady

Need Shoes & Boots & Sandals in 5.5 Extra Wide

Shoe Lady-

Where can I find a company that sell shoes, sandals, boots and sneakers in a size 5.5 EW.  I have always wore wide shoes since I was a little girl.  My mother always took us to Coward Shoes in Manhattan years ago.  Now that I am older I can’t find anything that fits my feet.  I can only wear boots in a size 6W by or 6WW depending on how the boot are made and I can only find them online. Sometimes I find sneakers I can wear but they always hurt my feet because I have a high instep.  I am not over weight.  I only weigh 138 pounds.  My son is getting married next year and I won’t be able to wear a dress because I can’t find shoes or sandals to fit me.  Please help!!



I am SO sorry! only offers 22 styles.    There are some lower shaft height boots, some wedge heel pumps, a couple of loafers and lots of lace ups.  But nothing for the Mother of the Groom to wear to the wedding.Shela sandals by Bella Vita
You will be limited to online shopping.  I am hopeful that we may have a new brand to offer you, with some nice dress shoe styles, by late summer.  If not, I suggest you plan on finding a size 5W sandal that you can take to a shoe repair shop and have stretched.  This will require you to pay attention to where the straps should be, what you need stretched, the material of the straps, etc.  A bother, I know.  But I want you to look gorgeous for that important wedding!
The Shoe Lady

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Asked Questions



I have a size 5.5 wide, possibly extra wide foot. I also have hardly any arches on my feet, a skinny heel and a high instep. Any thoughts on where I can find shoes that fit?



Dear Keara-

Mary Jane style shoes are your new BFF, Best Feet Friend!  There are lots of styles and heel heights.  You want a shoe that will stay on your feet.

I also suggest you try on size 5WW shoes.  You may be buying shoes too long just to get the width your feet need.  With a narrow heel, this will make your feet more likely to slip out of the heel.   Donna brown patent mary jane style by Samanta
PUHLEEZ!  Read my article on wide size shoes:
The Shoe Lady



8 Tips to Get Her “Groove” Back

For The Shoe Lady-
I am 56 years trying to get my groove back. I wear 13ww or 14 in size I am 6’1″, 245lbs need shoes! I want to look good and sexy as well. don’t like real high heels all the time, but would like 3″ heels. need all kind of sandals regular and sexy. love all kind of boots please help.

Dear Shirley,

Your note has been forwarded to me, The Shoe Lady, and I find it to be a totally delicious invitation to advise you on all kinds of aspects of your life. The Shoe Lady likes to think that she knows more about advice giving and feels hemmed in by the assumption that she should limit herself only to shoe advice. So we will start at the top, work through the middle and end up with shoe advice. Here is your 8 point plan to get your groove back (a goal that I agree with completely).

1. Sleep. You are at that age where you may find yourself waking up at 3 AM and staring at the ceiling. 7+ hours is very important to avoid dark circles under the eyes and maintain your charming personality. Don’t do sleeping pills. Ask your doctor about warm milk, cold bedrooms, hot baths, gabapentin, etc.  Dana red patent pump by Samanta bft1168elizabethwedgemintgreen004 bft1191avalonsilver012 bft1177belizeneonmagenta013 Minnie_3133_1 propet_megan_pew_1
2. Hair. Find a friend or a professional or a professional friend that can advise you on your face shape and whether you will look better with hair pulled back, cut short, chin length? Get a good cut styled to flatter your face and your body size. Consider color. Personally I believe everyone looks better with a streak or two of purple in their hair. But it may not be for you.
3. Posture. Get those shoulders back. Stand up straight. Are you sure you are only 6’1″? Try for stretching to 6’2″. Related to posture, keep your joints limber so you walk and move smoothly. We’re talking gym time here. Yoga time too. Pilates. You get the picture.
4. Clothes Style. First assess your body shape. I’ll make it easy. Do you have a waist or not. If you do, consider styles that accentuate that. If you do not, consider straight tunic tops and light weight jackets that go to your hips.
5. Clothes Color. Have your colors done. Are you a summer? sping? fall? winter? Find your most flattering colors. Wear those only, especially near . Favorite color not on the list? Buy your shoes in that color.
6. Personal Style. Now assess your personality. Are you happiest in colorful clothes? Monochrome? Long flowing skirts? Tailored slacks? Pick a personality and dress to it. Have fun with it. Make sure you pick styles that are cut in a way that is flattering to your frame then play with color and style.
7. Food. Just like we’ve always heard, what we eat matters to how we look. Get enough calcium and enough oils. The mediterranean diet with fish and olive oil is a great choice.
8. Shoes. You thought I ‘d never get here?!
A. Shoe Size. PLEASE read my article about How to Measure your Feet. It is entirely possible that you are a 13WW or 14M, depending on the shoe shape. Most people do range over 2 to 3 size/width combinations. But I fear it is very likely that you’ve never had the chance to try on more shoes than the rare size 14. Let’s find out your best size and work from there.
B. Shoe Style. Now we are getting your groove back. Like your clothes, your shoes should match your personal style, what you feel comfortable in. We don’t want you trying to look like someone you saw in Vogue. We want you to look like a happy, healthy, groovy YOU. For every day wear shoes, for a woman approaching a certain age, I think it is important to wear shoes that you can stand in for an hour and walk in for at least 10 blocks. Look for thicker soles and heels that are under 1.5 inches. You can make them fun by getting colors, experimenting with contrasting colorful solids or print tights or socks. Look at Propet or Barefoot Tess for sizes 13WW or 14. For sandals, try Forgotten Soles and watch for larger sizes arriving soon in the Maasai sandals. For special occasions when you want the glamorous groovy, look at Samanta. The platform soles are easy on your feet, but the high heels should only be for special occasions. For cocktail party dressy, you will find a great selection of lower heeled strappy sandals and dressy slingbacks with Colorful Creations and Annie. Please write back in boot season and I’ll give you more suggestions. In general, find 13WW here and 14M here.


Heather, Cayenne Red, Fisherman’s Sandal by Propet

Autumn Red T-strap peep toe platform pump by Samanta

Please do let me know what your real size turns out to be, and if you have any more questions. I wish you the best in recovering your grooviness!

The Shoe Lady

Need More Size 13WW Women’s Shoes for Work

Dear Shoe Lady,

I cannot find  cute flat work shoes in size 13WW.



Dear Eva-

 You are absolutely right!  This is a huge problem.  I will get right on it.  I think this may be a result of the recession.  Shoe companies backed off the larger sizes.  I’m finding some cute sandals but no flats.  Normally Propet would be a good choice for you.  But it looks like they didn’t make enough shoes in this size and have sold out.   Please make do with what you have for now until I can get more styles for you.
Also, do not buy the Antia’s which do show up in that size.  I have told the folks at Antia way too many times that a Euro size 43.5 is NOT a size 13.  And it certainly is not a size 13WW! tells me that they have the correct sizing for these Antia’s and will be resizing them shortly.  In the meantime, if you see Antia in a size 12 or 13, do NOT order it!
So sorry I can’t be more helpful right now.
UPDATE… not much improvement.  But you may find something suitable for work in the black crepe styles from Lava and Colorful Creations.  These are usually for dressy evening but until we can do better, give them a try.
Also, look at the options here:  And consider a 14W here:
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

Super Wide Feet !

Dear Shoe Lady,

Using your measuring guide my feet are 28cm long and 12.3cm wide. Reading your charts my length is 10½ but my width would require a massive size 13… I have always struggled finding shoes, in fact I never had a comfy pair!

Does anyone make shoes for my size?

Dear Sarah,

After reviewing your measurements a 28cm length puts you at a size 13 and your 12.3cm width puts you at a WW. Have you ever tried on 13WW?

Oh Sarah, yes of course, manufacturers do make a size 13WW. Take notice of the brand and tips scrolling through the photos.

Trotters Melanie Cognac at

Trotters Melanie Cognac is a Mid Heel Casual Slingback. Trotters’s women’s shoe size run is typically six widths, extra slim (AAAA), slim(AAA), narrow, medium, wide and extra wide(WW). Sizes range from 5 to 13

I found you can always take a pair of shoes to a shoe maker. Talk to him about what the problem is. To tight on the sides or causing blisters and they will happily stretch the shoes out, usually for free the first time. 100% worth it !

Annie Venice Zebra at

Annie Venice Zebra is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal. Annie’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), 7 extra wide (WW) to 13 extra wide (WW).

I love Annie Shoes. The fit is true and the styles are very trendy.

Antia Clarissa Mocha Full Grain at

Antia Clarissa is a Low Heel Casual Sandal. Antia’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), to 13 extra wide (WW)

The shoes may be hard on the eyes (in pictures) but they are stylish and suitable to wear with cute jeans, shorts of even a flirty. The photos do not do the shoe justice.

You are not alone. The average women is a size 9, not a 7, that the manufactures want to believe. Embrace your feet and treat them well.

Take care,
Shoe Lady.

Wide Width Bridal Shoes – Let’s Celebrate !

Your search for the perfect bridal shoe ends with!

Dyeables Claire White Satin at

Dyeables Claire White Satin is a High Heel Dressy Sandal

Choose! to outfit your entire bridal party—especially those with hard to find sizes!

Touch Ups Daisy White

Touch Ups Daisy White is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Whether you’re going with traditional, glamorous, elegant, or even casual-you’ll find the perfect shoe in our huge selection of bridal and dyeable shoes! Find the perfect shoe in a shiny satin or silk. Elegant bows and sparkling rhinestone embellishments add sparkle and elegance to the perfect dress. Many selections are dyeable for precise color matching and uniformity for your bridal party.

Special Occasions Deena White at

Special Occasions Deena White is a Low Heel Dressy Slide

Choose from satiny pumps, strappy sandals, classic flats- even flip-flops! Find our selection of more than 200 shoe styles—starting in size 4 up to size 14. Extra wide? No problem! We have over 35 pairs of extra wide bridal shoes! And, more than 150 pairs of wide shoes. Narrow sizes too!

Brianna Leigh Queen White at

Brianna Leigh Queen White is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Brands include Brianna Leigh, Touch Ups, Colorful Creations, Special Occasions, Dyeables, Lava and more.

Touch Ups Venus White Satin at

Touch Ups Venus White Satin is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal

And if that’s not enough, we have handbags and rhinestone shoe accessory clips for the bridal party.