Narrow Slingback Shoes

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am looking for a pair of navy blue flat slingback shoes in size 9AA. Do you have anything?
Thank you!

Hey Phyllis,
Slingbacks shoes are fabulous options, because of the adjustable ankle strap. I champion any style that aims towards that perfect fit especially for the narrow women’s foot. I would check back in periodically to view any updated styles. Below you will find a solid choice as a jumping off point.

Trotters Dea Navy

Dea by Trotters is a Low Heel Dressy Slingback

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Narrow Shoe Width

Dear Shoe Lady,
My foot measures 3 1/16 across. I usually wear 7.5-8 in ladies shoes. What is my foot width? Is it AA or A? This matters a great deal as AA is often pinching and B is swimming on my foot. Please help!

Thank you,

Hi Joan,
Even though there should be a size between AA and B (A is essentially the same as AA or 2A), there currently isn’t. You are on the right track by testing out what works for you. In the meantime if a shoe is too small and the result is discomfort, I suggest getting the next width up. I would also take into account if there is any extra padding available in order to compensate for the bit of extra space in the shoe.

Here is a lovely shoe that could work for you.

Trotters Janna Leopard at

Janna by Trotters is a Mid Heel Casual

Happy Browsing!

Shoe Lady

10 narrow sandals or slides

Q: I have searched your site for sandals or slides to fit… but ALL my searches come up with nothing… my shoe size is actually 10-1/2N, but in a sandal or slide I can wear a 10N… I have searched everywhere, to no avail. I am tired of wearing flip-flops for every occasion… they are not very attractive with a skirt or dress… do you have any ideas…?

A: Jeanine, I can certainly understand wanting a variety of looks for the summer months, and wearing a style beyond flip-flops! In searching for both 10 and 10.5 narrow, here are a few choices to get you started that will work with both dresses and skirts.

Trotters by Shelby has subtle elegant detailing and a soft footbed.

Trotters Shelby Black at

Shelby by Trotters is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal

Tahiti by Softwalk comes in four colors: Black, Mocha, and Gold Wash, and sports decorative nail heads.

Softwalk Tahiti Pearl Oyster at

Tahiti by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Sandal

Valentina by Naturalizer showcases a metallic shimmer, and an adjustable heel strap for the perfect fit.

Naturalizer Valentina Nickel Alloy at

Valentina by Naturalizer is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal

Good luck,
The Shoe Lady

Hi I was wondering which width is narrower. Slim or narrow?

Q: Hi I was wondering which width is narrower. Slim or narrow?
Many thanks Margaret

A: Hi Margaret, A slim size is narrower than narrow. Narrow generally listed as “AA” while slim carries a “AAA” label. The more narrow a shoe is the rarer it is to find that fit. The good news is that they do exist! You can also search for slim shoes using the filter function through

Aerosoles Play Pleat Grey Fabric at

Play Pleat by Aerosoles is a Mid Heel Casual Bootie

We have over 173 new arrivals ranging from size 5 – 15. Mostly Aerosoles!!

Long Narrow Feet !

Q: I have a long, narrow, foot, with one foot being a full size larger  than the other – more like a 12 AAA on one foot and 11 AAA  for the  other. You told me quite some time ago about the problem you are  having with shoe companies eliminating the narrow sizes and your hope  to find some that would be more accommodating to the needs of so many  of us. Whenever I order 12 N, I literally walk right out of both of  the shoes – a lot of the “cute” shoes only go up to 11 M (no narrows)  and I’ve ordered some of those, but in every case, have literally  “walked right out of both shoes” –  to the point where it’s almost a  danger for my foot to slip and is a huge effort even to try them out  on the carpets!

I LOVE the looks of the Naturalizer Cyanne blue denim

Naturalizer Cyanne Spring Denim -

Naturalizer Cyanne Spring Denim –

naturally, it doesn’t come in a N in the 12 and even if it did, it would probably be too wide & I’d walk out of it. My question is whether you think an 11N might “work” – not for mall or street walking, but enough so that I could cover my route when I volunteer at the hospital? Open toe shoes are not allowed and I need something that I can not only stand in, but be able to walk throughout the hospital. Sneakers don’t quite “cut it” and in the warm weather, I really like to wear a skirt occasionally and not just slacks all the time, so would like a good-looking, comfortable, shoe that is not “dangerous” for me to wear!!!!

I had wondered if the elastic vamp might be of some help in holding the shoes on and if the denim would be a soft enough fabric so that there would be some “give” to the shoe for my longer foot.

Will be interested in your opinion.

Charlotte –

I just handled a similar question. The shoe makers aren’t getting better about this.

As for trying an 11N, everytime I have made that kind of compromise myself, I’ve regretted it. If you are walking around a hospital being helpful and your toes are scrunched – you will most likely not be pleasant. You can try it. In some instances it works. But that kind of adjustment in size and width usually works for people with wider, more flaccid feet. I’m guessing yours are nerves and bones. They won’t like to be pushed around into a different shape.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

The Shoe Lady

Donna’s Cranky – Shoe Makers Don’t Do Narrows

Dear Shoe Lady:

Regarding the comments under your “Hard to find widths” section and how perceptions of widths have changed in the shoe industry:  I had to laugh at “people with very narrow feet are now seen as cranky and trying on multiple pairs of shoes and never buying…”    We are cranky and never buy because there is NOTHING TO BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine
how YOU would feel if every time you saw a fine shoe boutique you knew better than to go in because all of the shoes were only in med. widths or maybe one or two wide widths.  Narrow need not apply.  What the HELL are we supposed to wear?????????????   bandages???   Yeah, I know …Try Zappos, Marmi, Nordstrom, Maryland Square or Endless…..The narrow shoes look like granny styles. All 12 of them. 900 med widths.  12 narrow. Some boots are ok if you buy  very early.  Some plain high heels. …but  If you want sandals?  Better have a good shoe repair guy who can take the straps in.  And now we can double the cost of the shoe AND forget about the really cute styles as they cannot be taken in or altered.  Only the plain ones with straight across straps. I know it isn’t your fault….but good LORD can’t someone make some stylish shoes for narrow feet?  Thanks for letting me vent.

Dear D.

I couldn’t have said it better.  You are right.  The choices are getting more scarce in narrows and it isn’t likely to change. will continue to try to bring you as much choice as we can find.  Thanks for venting with us.  Maybe it’ll do some good!

The Shoe Lady

ps.  I hate to tell you but the good shoe repair guys are disappearing too!

Canadian customer with narrow heel and bunions

Dear Shoe Lady, Your website has an incredible number of styles, do i first send you a sketch of my feet before I can order online? I have a narrow heel, bunions that make my foot wide  before the toes, I dont want to order until I feel that I can do that without needing to ever return the shoes as I am sure i have to pay duty, taxes and shipping here in Canada.  I would appreciate some feedback, thanks


We are here for you!
Click here to find out how to measure your feet.

Click here to estimate what size you will wear.

When you have the measurements and an approximate size, you are most of the way there.  If you have bunions (or a wide forefoot) you need to consider the shape of the shoes.  A round or square toe is best.  And with a narrow heel, a slingback or slide works well. You also should determine whether you have disproportionately long or short toes.  Shoemakers measure shoe size from the heel to ball of foot, not from heel to toe.  So, for example, a size 11 shoe is designed for the ball of the foot to hit the place where average length toes would have it hit.  If you don’t have average length toes but DO have an extra wide ball of foot, the problem of fit is exacerbated.

Feel free to email us with more questions once you have an estimated shoe size.

The Shoe Lady

Narrow Shoe Sizes in South Africa

Dear Shoe Lady, I live in South Africa and there is nowhere Nr 11 Ladies shoes available, Where can I see your shoes and how do I order Please help me
Thank You

I am assuming that you are referring to women’s size 11N.  We have 754 styles available today in that size.  Click here to see the 11 Narrows.  Many are on sale!
In general, a size 11 shoe is 27 cm or 10 5/8 inches long.  A “narrow” for a size 11 is 9 cm or 3.56 inches wide.

Shipping to South Africa is expensive.  We can tell you the cost of shipping but you should expect additional duty and customs fees on your end.  If the shoes do not fit, you can send them back but that is expensive.  We would suggest you try to resell them locally.  Most of our international customers batch their shoes and have them sent at one time.  Starting yesterday and running through June 1, 2009 we have a special coupon code for international customers to save you some money.  Buy at least $100 and save 50% off your international shipping when you use the coupon code INTERNATIONAL.
I hope this helps!
The Shoe Lady

Narrow Feet in Australia

I love your website! I have measured my feet as per your instructions on the website. Exact measurements are: Length 9 7/8 inches width: 3 3/8 inches.
I am not sure what width and length that equates to on your sizing on the website. I am guessing it’s a 10 N. Is that correct?

I live in Australia. What would the postage be?


According to our International Size Chart, a 9 7/8 inch foot is a size 8.5 in the USA.  A size 10 USA foot is 10 1/4 inches.  That is a very small amount – only 3/8’s of an inch.  But the shoes will fit you very differently.
You are definitely a narrow, even if you bought a size 10, it should be a narrow.  Please double check the length of your feet.  And let us know or look at the chart to determine what other sizes you buy that fit in either Australian sizing or Euro sizing.  That will help confirm the correct USA sizing for length.

Shipping to Australia is done through US Postal Service’s Express Mail. It is $35- $40 for the first pair of shoes and then about $5-7 each for additional pairs, depending on weight and what the post office price is.

The Shoe Lady