Dress Shoes for a Wedding for Feet with Bunions

Dear Shoe Lady,

Need a pair of comfortable dressy shoes, pumps, sandals, 2 1/2 ” heel to go with a raspberry lace sheath dress. Very bad bunions and big toe that crosses over. Help.
Size 8 1/2.  I try to get the widest width I can to go over my very prominent bunions , but sometimes the heel slips then and it doesn’t work.   Sling backs are the best option for me when I can find a wide width shoe.



Dear Janice,

What you want is a deep toe box, that is deep from top to sole, and a soft material on top.  I suggest you take a look in the “Bridal-Dyeable” Collection   and look for slingbacks with this configuration.  Do not buy them too wide if your foot is not really wide.  I’ve included a photo of a shoe with a rhinestone oval ornament.   It is stretchable (wider only) and dyeable.
Then… get or  find a good shoe repair place.   You will need to have them both dyed to the color you want AND spot stretched to accommodate the “issues” around your forefeet.  Only spot stretch where necessary but do it enough that you will be comfortable.
You should find a much wider range of the heel height and silouette you want in the bridal – dyeable styles. They are all white but can be dyed to match your dress, or maybe a soft grey or paler pink.
Have a wonderful time!
The Shoe Lady