Fitting my wide foot

Dear Shoe Lady –
I don’t call people too well, e-mail seems better for me to communicate.  I measured my foot, and it is 9 3/4 inches long and 4 1/4 inches wide.  From the floor to the top of my foot about  mid-instep is 2 1/2 inches high.  And the biggest part of my ankle  where the bone protrudes is 11 3/8 inches.  Because of the height of  the top of my foot to the floor, I usually can not wear normal shoes  that “wrap” up the foot or have a design that would go up the foot.
Could you give me some different size possiblilties?  Normal shoes that don’t go up the foot, ones that do, and ones with ankle straps.  Where an anklet would normally fit for me is 10 1/2 inches.

Thank you  for all your help.  Sorry to be such a pain.

Your basic foot measurements sound like 8WW but you are very SMART to be
paying attention to the thickness of your foot and how the shape and size of
your foot relates to the styles of shoes.  A lot of people with thicker top
to bottom feet refer to their feet as having “high arches”.  Brands like
Naturalizer, Annie, Softwalk and Soft Spots often make shoes
that have stretch material over the top for people who need that extra

Because you are asking about ankle straps, I’m assuming you are looking for
fashion shoes?  Fortunately there is a lot you can do to adapt the shoe to
your foot.  A good shoe repair shop will be able to stretch the top on, say
a loafer or mule style, to make it fit better across the top of your foot.
The shop can also add length to an ankle strap.

If you move toward pumps and higher heels, I’d try going up a half or whole
size to 8.5WW or 9WW depending on what you are learning about the shape of
your feet and the shape of the shoes.

Good luck!

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  1. My right foot is 9.8 with a width of 4.4 and left foot is 9.5 and width is 4.6. When I buy a size I have trouble keeping my left shoe on but I need the width of a 9 WW. What would you suggest?

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