Flat Arches are a Challenge

Dear Amber,

Your feet are closer to average in length and width than you think. By those two dimensions, you are a size 9.5W, not even an extra wide. The flat arches and the orthotics are the challenges. There are several brands that make styles with removeable inner soles which allows your orthotics to take up the space designed for the inner sole and makes a better fit. Soft Spots and some Naturalizers offer this feature, for example.

But let’s assume you don’t remove the inner soles. Women with flat arches tend to find that the edges, the “throatline” of their shoes gap. I recommend, for this reason and so you can test different widths, wide or extra wide, that you look at “Mary Jane” style pumps. These shoes designed to have a strap over the top of your arch.

Take a look at some of these Mary Jane shoe styles. They come in wide and extra wide widths.

Studio, black suede a Mary Jane style pump by Soft Spots

Studio, black suede a Mary Jane style pump by Soft Spots

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  1. This Flat Feet Q&A has been very helpful as I also have that issue. I have determined that my left foot is size 8.5W, and my right foot is 8.5WW so I must obviously go with the 8.5WW pair, but I still have a question about how instep girth (circumference) would factor in. My left is 10-5/8″ and my right is 11″. I have found that any shoe having a strap over the this point I just can’t get on, especially slide-type…a larger sizes that accommodate my instep looks like a toddler wearing Mommy’s shoes. I understand how the Mary Jane strap would prevent flat foot gaping, but I’m 64 and feel a bit old for that style. My feet are also quite temperamental since surgeries for heel spurs, Morton’s neuromas, and toe straightenings on both feet. Am I doomed to flip flops or booties for the rest of my life already?? Please. Help… Thanks.

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