Foot Surgery Helps Size 12 Woman

When I was about ten I had a major operation on my right foot.  I had a bunion and my second toe was called a hammer toe. I had 42 stitches on that foot and a steel pin in my toe to make it stand straight.  I wore a cast with a heel up to my knee for I don’t recall how long. I have very ugly feet even though I had the operation so I was not in a rush to wear my feet in sandals, or even take my shoes off in front of people.
Now I’m 50; I love shoes, occasionally I can afford some really expensive great looking shoes, but am very happy to be wearing payless shoes in my size 11,12. I have a small collection of shoes, notebooks with shoes, I love greeting cards with shoes and my friends send my things with shoes on it.  How grateful I am that I have my ugly feet and did not have to have toes removed like the girl next to me in the hospital back then.  I do wear my feet out somewhat and will take my shoes off in front of people.  Hope she is as happy as my ugly feet and me.



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