I Have Bunions. Would a Wider Shoe Help?

Ms. Shoe Lady:

I have bunions and was wondering if a wider shoe would be more comfortable instead of the regular width.  I’ve been wearing a 7R and have found that if the shoe is wider through the toe area, it feels more comfortable.  Would a wider shoe be wide through the toe area, too?

Dear P.H.

I admire your brevity and will attempt to respond in kind.

Ahh.  I can’t do it.  I must say more.  Yes, a wider shoe will be wider in the toe area.  But it will also be wider in the heel.  And depending on how the shoe was made wider (wider sole or more material across the top) the feel on your foot will be different.  Each additional width (N to M, M to W, W to WW) is the equivalent of about 1/4 inch around the circumference of the ball of  your foot.   See this article to learn more:  http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/width

Now let’s take that information and add more!

If you have bunions, you should consider:
1.  The shape of the front of the shoe.  Square and round toes are fine.  Pointed toes are not.

Propet style WPRX61B0304 with removable footbed.

Propet style WPRX61B0304 with removable footbed.

2.  The material on the top of the shoe.  Stretch is great.  Leather or fabric can be “spot stretched” around your bunion by a shoe repair shop person.
3.  Soft leather is better than stiff leather.  Look for sheep, lamb, goat or deer skin leathers.  Look for thinner leathers.
4.  Avoid ornamentation that includes seams or double stitching over the bunion area.  This will make that area stiffer.

I do hope this helps.

The Shoe Lady