I’m 16 & I hate my big feet!

Dear Shoe Lady,

I was wondering what you do if you absolutly hate your feet? Im a 16 year old girl with feet the size of Canada. They’re extremely wide and long, and everytime I try to find some shoes that fit I always turn up empty. The shoe is either the right length, but not the right width, or the other way around. What SHOULD i do???

Signed, shoe depressed

Dearest Shelby,
Oh my. How familiar this sounds. I used to think I’d like to cut off my toes to be able to shop like everyone else. UGGGHHH. Can you imagine! Now, thanks to those shoe militants at DesignerShoes.com you can have a wide range of choices in larger sizes, in 6 different widths and hundreds of styles and colors. So tell me your size and width and I’ll make some recommendations to get your feet flatteringly fit.

The Shoe Lady

5 thoughts on “I’m 16 & I hate my big feet!

  1. I am 45 years old. When I was younger I had a very hard time finding a size 14 shoe. Now with the internet I have no problem. However, I do have a problem finding fashionable shoes in my size with a heel of 2 inches no more than 2 1/2 inch. Most of the larger size shoes come in 3 to 4 inch heels. I am already 6’3 inches tall. I don’t feel comfortable in a 3-4 inch heel. Will the shoe look normal if I cut some inches off the heel? I like wearing pumps but I can not handle a 3 inch or taller heel.

  2. Im 22,
    and all my life i have had to wear mens shoes, due to never being able to get wemons shoes my size, and the bad part about it i love shoes!!!, i want to be able to wear a skirt or a dress out but i cant wear anything with out where big ugly mens shoes. can you please help me!!! im despreste, i would love to wear a dress for my mans birthday in september !!

  3. Hello! I am from GREECE and would like to know exactly the number in my shoes. the length of the foot is my 26.3 inches and the width is 10.5 cm. please if it is easy send me the correct size. Thank you very much

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