I’m an Athletic Woman Who Needs Stylish Knee High Boots

Dear Pam,

I would start with a Naturalizer boot. The company has been around a long time and knows a lot about the quirks of shoe fitting. You would think shoemakers would be smart enough to know that a narrow or medium foot can support a muscular or wide calf?!? They are sized to allow you to get a medium width foot and a wide calf in a number of brands. But Naturalizer has been doing it the longest. You also may want to look at the boots that have some stretch material in the shaft. They aren’t “wide shaft” but they can accommodate a wider calf. Annie has some, as does Barefoot Tess. Of course, you have to catch them in season!

The Shoe Lady

5 thoughts on “I’m an Athletic Woman Who Needs Stylish Knee High Boots

    • I am honored at the request! Tickled right down to my size 11.5 toes! I am at your service. Tweet away.

      The Shoe Lady

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