I’ve ALWAYS Had Large Feet!

Where do I start?  I have always had large feet.  I can remember as a young girl, around 11 or 12, taking a train with my mom from Gary, IN to Chicago to shop for shoes right before school started.  All the shoes were so pretty, but they all looked like shoes the older ladies wore to church (smile).  After about 5 hours, we left and boarded the train back to Gary with a pair of navy blue Keds and a “nice” pair of black dress shoes (way too mature for me).  I was mortified because all the other girls had up to date, more fashionable shoes.  Fast forward through high school, sports, college basketball, and now 26 years old and practicing law.  I feel so good when I get compliments for always looking so well dress from head to toe.  At 6’2”, you can imagine the presence I have in court.  Because I draw so much attention, I must look well dressed at all times… nothing pulls an outfit together like a nice designer shoe.  Thank you so much designer shoes.  You guys are the best.  I feel like you guys are my long distance girlfriends.  All I have to do is call and ask to speak with Denise.  She tells me exactly how things look: color, fit, etc.  I have never been disappointed with an order and thanks to DS, I never have to feel the disappointment I felt as a little girl riding back on the train with the same identical shoes my gym teacher wore.  Forever-indebted



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