Lymphedema in both feet

Dear Shoe Lady,

I have lymphedema in both feet, ankles, legs. I have a very real need for width measuring information. not just the ball of the foot but the arch as well. ironically my toes and heels are not affected
and are ‘normal’. arch height is not the issue it’s the height from floor over top of foot to floor. right now I make moccasins and measure this way [traditional] but mocs don’t do well in wet or cold
weather or for dressy occasions!
The site is good for what is in it, but more measuring information in this area would of great help to me and others like me.
thank you


Dear Ms. P,

Thanks for your feedback!  There are 28 different “fit” points on a shoe and given the different shapes of feet and different styles …. multiplied by the average of about 50 sizes for each shoe style… well you see our problem.  We do as much as we can to inform customers about how to pick the best shoes for their feet.  I, your humble Shoe Lady, have thicker feet, floor to top of foot, and find it helps to think of shoes not as length and width, but as volume.  So I sometimes need to buy sizes a little wider than my width measurement suggests just so there’s room for the thickness or top-to-bottom height.

Please do take a look at the information in our “About Sizes” section on the lower right part of the home page.


The Shoe Lady

Dear Lady,

Thank you for answering me. I do understand fit should see my closet floor! lol  The collection is a study in width.
I thought I would get XW but I needed more reference for how wide is XW. it’s just a number. so even a ball park measure would help. imagine trying to buy a dress and having no idea what a size 2 vs 22 is.
at least if there was a number attached to the shoe you could measure and have an idea of where it is going.
I guess I will have to go to a shoe store with one of those measuring things and see what I get.  or a thrift store for a pair that are close to fitting me-I have no idea anymore if I wear an 8,8.5 or? even if it is a XW. yes I am taking a can of lysol eeewwww but desperate times make people do desperate things.
Thanks again.

My Dear Ms. P,

Go to a shoe store that uses a Brannock device (that stick thing) but the width information still may not help much.  Be sure to read our articles on measuring your feetand on Wide feet on our website.

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