Measured Her Feet to Discover True Shoe Size — But Damage Done

I’m a senior citizen and 5’10”.  Growing up in the fifties, I wore a size ten shoe because that was the largest size available.  My sneakers were the only comfortable footwear I owned, as they were men’s.

In my twenties a kind shoe man measured my feet and advised me that I needed a size eleven and I was able to buy that size though the selection was limited and they were still not as comfortable as my men’s sneakers. Eleven was also the largest size available at that time.

After my pregnancies I grew into a size eleven and a half or twelve and it’s only in the past twenty years that I’ve been able to find a good selection of my true size 12, thanks to companies like yours.  As a result of squeezing into smaller size shoes over the years my toes are bent under and ugly.  The girls of this generation are so fortunate to be able to wear their true size. I purchase over 90% of my footwear on-line or through catalogs.



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