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Shoe Lady - President of

Shoe Lady – President of

We are beyond thrilled with the amount of questions submitted through our AskTheShoeLady form.  The ShoeLady is working hard to reply to each and every email. There is only one of her.  Me (shoelady’s assistant) is not qualified to answer to your questions…..yet!


New guidelines which I will add to the submit form –

1) If you have an event or time sensitive question please add ASAP to the subject and body of the email.

2) All questions that could benefit our readers will be posted on the blog. If you don’t want your question posted please note in your email.

3) If you prefer a generic name to be used please let us know.

4) All questions used on the blog will be offered a 10% off discount coupon  if you make a purchase at BUT you must request the coupon!!

5) We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we see fit!

Well that’s it!

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