Women’s Shoe Sizes

You Wear Extra Small or Extra Large Size Women’s Shoes:

No matter how the shoes are sized when they are manufactured, the challenge is making sure they fit your feet. Shoe measurements, even the shape of shoes, are based on “AVERAGE” proportions. While half the population may have close to average sized and shaped feet, the other half of the population does not! You may have exceptionally short toes (we’re sure they are adorable!) or exceptionally thin, flat, top to sole, feet. Then you are no longer average and can’t trust the manufacturer’s sizing even if it were perfectly correct.

Shoes are designed to curve out around the “ball” or widest part of your foot, then curve in or go straight along the toes. If your toes are shorter or longer than average and if the shoe is shaped for the average foot, then either the shoe will fit at the ball of your foot and your toes will bump the end of the shoe OR the shoe will fit at the ball of the foot but there will be so much room at the toe that your foot will keep sliding forward.

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