Shoes Fall Off – Help!

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, I have two pairs of flat sandals that have a strap that goes behind my ankle. the strap falls down and the shoe falls off. Is there a place i can buy straps to maybe go around my ankle to keep them on?

A: Hi Sharon, Before finding new ankle straps, let’s explore another issue that might be happening. If your shoes fall off after the straps fall down, maybe you can look into measuring your feet another time. Your shoes might be a little too big, and the ill-fitting strap is the first step to the slippage.

If you are feeling crafty, a different kind of closure system for the ankle straps could work. Thin velcro as a second binding where the straps overlap might do the trick. If the ankle straps are removable, you could also go to the fabric store and find ribbon and sew in a closure as well.
Without going the do-it-yourself route, there are pads available to attach to the inside of the straps to prevent slipping. It is the same idea as footpads for high heels that help to avoid the always unwanted sliding and creeping to the toebox. You may also try cutting strips of moleskin and lining the straps too.

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Good luck,
The Shoe Lady

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