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Dear Shoe Lady,

I like to walk and like to take the opportunity during the day to get out for a longish stroll.  Or I’ll get off the subway a stop early and walk the extra distance.  I do not like to have to change my shoes to official “walking shoes” everytime I want to walk.  I like to wear the same pair of shoes all day and I don’t want them to look clunky and orthopedic.  What do you recommend?

T.B., Boston

Dear T,

A woman after my own heart.  Did you know that when you walk, you put three times your regular weight on your forefeet?  And when you run, it is up to 8 times the pressure.  That said, shop with this criteria in mind:  1.  a slight wedge heel;  2.  an arch support;  3.  a cushioned sole under the front of the foot;  4.  a flexible shoe that will bend and move with your foot.

Here are some styles to consider:

Viani by Naturalizer

Legacy by Naturalizer

Helen by Soft Spots

Billie by Walking Cradles

Of course, your best bet for walking is a performance shoe like those from New Balance.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  And if you buy the featured shoes from New Balance, you’ll also be contributing to support breast cancer research!

Happy Trails!

The Shoe Lady

4 thoughts on “Shoes for Walking

  1. Yes I Have a problem with finding shoes also house shoes which I wear a lot that after a while if on some days i am being able to do house work or some shopping that leads me to standing more than on a regula day that my feet hurt and legs also at times my back. I have neurophy in my feet also fibromyaligia and osto artritise and disc problems in my low back and neck. Also the osteo has effected my right foot across the wide partof my foot my bones has gotten widier on both sides of my foot so it is some what different than the left foot. What do you suggest for me to look for in a confortable shoe that seems like i have to change shoes several times during the day just to try to keep from crying with pain. Any advice you can give me will be appercatated. THANK YOU YOURS TRULY R. Feather

    • Dear Reatha,
      Misery by another name is sore feet. I know my limits and while I will suggest some things for you to do, I also strongly suggest you visit a pedorthist or a doctor who specializes in orthopedics.

      Our feet grow and change shape for a variety of reasons over our lifetime. Most commonly, pregnancy causes changes in the feet as tendons soften. Wearing shoes that fit incorrectly can rub bone in such a way as to cause bone growth. Inherited traits can result in hammer toes or bunions. PLEASE – if you have these problems that cause pain it means you can NOT wear just any currently fashionable pointed toe stiletto you may fancy! Life is about choices. Fashion vs. Pain is a real one.

      But there are still lots of choices. Treat your feet like your new best friend. Go for a good foot massage with a professional reflexologist. Ask questions and learn about your particular feet. If the pain is from plantar fasciitis, you may need more structured footwear. If it is from a fallen metatarsal arch, you may need some foot padding inserts. Look for shoes with thicker soles, whether they are rubber soles or platform soles, this gives the underside of your feet a break. Consider changing heel heights during the day. Once you know the technical cause of the foot pain, you’ll be much better able to find shoes that will make it more bearable!

      Good luck,
      The Shoe Lady

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