Wider Width Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
I was so excited to find your website as the only shoes that fit my feet are thong sandals.

I have measured my feet as your site describes, and the measurements are as follows:
Length 24.5cm
Width 11.75cm
Please can you tell me what size I am?

Kind regards,
Michelle (Australia)

Hi Michelle,
We LOVE our Aussies! With a length of 24.5CM your size would be an 8.5 which equates to 26.4CM.

Your shoe width however, is a bit tricky. An 8.5WW measures 11.1cm. You width is 11.75cm so I am afraid an 8.5WW will be too snug. I would suggest trying an 8.5WWW. The downside with tripe wide widths is the styles are very limited.

Another option would be to try a 9WW and play around with the use of insoles. Also be selective in choosing shoes with soft, stretchable material to accommodate your wider width feet. Here is a nice 9WW size option –

Annie Gable Brown Velvet Suede at DesignerShoes.com

Annie Gable Brown Velvet Suede is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

One more thing Michelle, what size/width thong sandals are your currently wearing?

Happy Holidays!

How to Measure Your Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
My feet have gotten wider as I have aged and have a bunion on left foot. As well lost a considerable amount of weight of the last two years. Not sure what I size I actually wear now. How do I measure my feet?

Dear Linda from Dallas,
Congratulations on your weight loss and keeping it off for over 2 years! With weight loss comes a reduction in the width of your foot and at times even the length. Good idea to measure again at your new svelte weight! Here is a how to guide and the full guide plus size chart can be found by clicking here.

Step 1) Trace your barefoot on a piece of paper. Place weight on the larger foot. Hold a pencil straight up and trace a line around your foot (keep the line as tight as possible to your foot).

Step 2) Measure two perpendicular lines: one straight across the widest part of the foot, the other a straight (not diagonal) line from the toe to the heel.

Foot Measurement Guide

Foot Measurement Guide

Keep these two dimensions: Ball WIDTH and heel to toe LENGTH, on hand when you ask us about a shoe. Also, you must consider the shape of your feet. Thickness (muscularity), thinness, hammer toes, bunions and other shape features should be considered as you look at the size, width and shape of the shoe.

For bunion-proof shoes, you likely are looking for kitten heels, and shoes make of softer material. The Annie Geneva Brown Velvet Suede shoes are the perfect material for bunions.

Annie Geneva Brown Velvet Suede at DesignerShoes.com

Annie Geneva Brown Velvet Suede is a Low Heel Casual Flat

On the other hand, if you want to keep the same footwear without sacrificing heel height, may I recommend the Aerosoles Tapestry Red Patent heel give that va-va-voom look without forcing you to walk home barefoot!

Happy Holidays and please let us know the results of your measurements Linda!

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Painful Thong Sandals

Dear Shoe Lady,
What can I do to ease the pain my feet endure trying to wear thong sandals? All the cute sandals are thong type. I have tried using a bandage, but it does not help, just hurts.

Hi Gloria,
I understand the frustration of loving a style that has been less than kind to your precious feet. Before ruling out thongs completely I suggest going to the podiatrist to see if your toes are aligning properly, and there isn’t an underlying foot problem, such as a bunion. Discomfort can appear to be magnified if your big toe is pressing too hard against the second toe. You could also be sensitive to the friction of the material, and might consider looking for one that is closer to satin. If you find that your foot health is not a concern, then seeking another type of sandal will be your best bet. The good news is those alternatives exist! Search for sandals that are similar to thongs, but that cause less friction to your toes.

Annie Bejeweled Silver at AskTheShoeLady.com

Bejeweled by Annie is a Mid Heel Dressy Sandal

Bejeweled by Annie has a tapered front that suggests a thong, but has coverage over the toebox, for a more evenly distributed secure hold.

Good luck on your search,
The Shoe Lady

Shoes Fall Off – Help!

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, I have two pairs of flat sandals that have a strap that goes behind my ankle. the strap falls down and the shoe falls off. Is there a place i can buy straps to maybe go around my ankle to keep them on?

A: Hi Sharon, Before finding new ankle straps, let’s explore another issue that might be happening. If your shoes fall off after the straps fall down, maybe you can look into measuring your feet another time. Your shoes might be a little too big, and the ill-fitting strap is the first step to the slippage.

If you are feeling crafty, a different kind of closure system for the ankle straps could work. Thin velcro as a second binding where the straps overlap might do the trick. If the ankle straps are removable, you could also go to the fabric store and find ribbon and sew in a closure as well.
Without going the do-it-yourself route, there are pads available to attach to the inside of the straps to prevent slipping. It is the same idea as footpads for high heels that help to avoid the always unwanted sliding and creeping to the toebox. You may also try cutting strips of moleskin and lining the straps too.

Annie Jade Black-pewter at AskTheShoeLady.com

Jade by Annie is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal

Good luck,
The Shoe Lady