Canadian Needs Wide Shoes


I live in Montreal, Canada and i’ve been looking for comfortables, stylish, wide shoes but it’s difficult to find that on stores.

I’ve heard Aerosoles has good reputation on comfort and I’m interested in one model you offer from aerosoles but I’m a little bit confused with the size chart.

I’ve normally a 9 size wideeeeee size, but according to your webiste it owuld be a 10.5 size.

My measure is 26 cms lengh, 11 cms wide.

As I’m in Canada and i’ll have to pay customs and shipping I want to be pretty sure on my size for your website.



My Dear Oriana,

I commend the wisdom of your frugality.  But I am perplexed.  Is wideeee a width designation in Canada?
If you trust the measuring you did on your feet, I think you should be wearing an 8.5 WW (extra wide).  Alas, Aerosoles does not make their styles in extra wide, only in wide.  But there are several brands that DO make extra wide that you may like.  I suggest you take a look at Bella Vita, Naturalizer, Soft Spots, Softwalk, and Trotters.  Or search by 8.5 WW.
I urge you to PLEASE think about the shape of your feet in relation to the shape of your shoes, too!  Read about wide feet here:
Feel free to contact at if you have any specific shoe questions.
The Shoe Lady
Thanks for your answer!
By wideeeeeeeee, I just meant that I have always problem finding shoes that fits comfortable when shopping on normal stores.
I’ve attached a foot print I took some days ago, I guees is Round, could you suggest me what foot style to shop on your website?
Ah HA!   You are not measuring correctly.  Look at the shoe diagram on this size chart page:

Shoe manufacturers assume the "ball to heel" measurement when they make shoes and also assume the shoe wearer.  Has average length toes.  If toes are longer or shorter, the shoe will not fit well.

Shoe manufacturers assume the “ball to heel” measurement when they make shoes and also assume the shoe wearer. Has average length toes. If toes are longer or shorter, the shoe will not fit well.

You need to have the lines perpendicular so that each of the angles created by the lines is a 90 degree angle, all equal.
And you need to start by drawing a line that makes the top of the T with the line that goes up the center of your foot.  The line that is the top of the T must be perpendicular to the center line and at the top of the longest toe.  Look carefully at the size chart diagram and draw your lines and do your measurements again.
The Shoe Lady
Hi Thanks
I change the measures, the length didn’t change a lot, 25.8 cms with a 10.5 cms wide.    As well I think they are more into the round or circle form.
that would be between 9 or 9.5 wide for women?
Dear Oriana-

Based on length and width, you should be looking at a US size 10 wide (W).  That is roughly equivalent to a UK 8 or an EU 41.  Aerosoles does have some very cute, comfortable flats in size 10W.
Good luck!
The Shoe Lady

Narrow Feet – Toes Too Tight and Heels Too Loose

Dear Shoe Lady,
My foot measures 10 inches long and 3 and a quarter inches wide at widest part of largest foot. Is that 10 and a half, narrow? Some narrows are a bit tight in the toes, but mediums are so wide in the heel, I can’t keep them on my foot. I do okay with flats, but when the heel is elevated, it is hard to keep them on. Thanks for your help.

Dearest Barbara,
With a length of 10 and width of 3.25 puts your size as 9.5 Narrow (N or AA). What size are you currently wearing now? Since the narrows are tight in the toes but loose in the heels then you may want to play around with insoles and possibly heel grips.

Full and half insoles offer different levels of support and no insole will create the perfect fit without trial and error. If you send me your email address I would be happy to mail send you some full insoles to play around with. Remember you can always trim the insoles. Email erica AT designershoes DOT com.

If you are looking for stylish flats in size 9.5 narrow here are some lovely options. The Naturalizer Shoes are known for their comfort more than style but that has been changing over the last few years. The Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallicare a stylish ballet flat with a buckle detail.

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic at

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Ross Hommerson shoes are always made from quality materials, anti microbial foam and padded footbeds, some with arch supports. Ross Hommerson is on the expensive side so may sure to wait for sales. The Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa pictured below is on SALE for $48.82. Marked down from $99.00 and is made of COROLLA CONSTRUCTION

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa at

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Women’s Shoe Size Question

Dear Shoe Lady, The length of my foot is 26.5 cm and the width is 10.5 cm.
 What is my correct shoe size? I have never been able to find a perfect fit.

Hi Katerina,
Our shoe size chart is a great jumping off point for shoe sizing. Based on your measurements, it appears that you could fit into a 10.5w to 11w comfortably. You want to make sure that you don’t wear widths that are more or less than 0.635cm (1/4”). You don’t want any slippage or pinching with your shoes. You always want to remember that the styles and manufacturing of a shoe will make a difference in the final fit. A ballet flat versus a padded sneaker might require a reduction or increase in the size you wear.

Naturalizer Creston Black Leather at

Creston by Naturalizer is a Low Heel Casual Flat

Creston by Naturalizer has a casual look that can be paired with skirts or pants. I am a huge fan of dual use for shoes, and strive for comfort!

Happy browsing,
The Shoe Lady

Hard to Find Women’s Size 10.5

Dear Shoe Lady,
Why is it so hard to find 10.5?

Well Lisa it’s hard but not impossible! Their existence shows that there is a need. It is hard to find most half-size shoes in every style. The reasoning goes back to the manufacturer. It is easier to try to fit someone into a whole size that might be a little too big (or too small in some cases) than it is to mass-produce shoes to fit the unique qualities of every foot. What I have found is that even though I look for my target size, it isn’t a guarantee of a perfect fit just yet. One will always have to factor in the style and shape of a shoe, as well as the length, width, and volume of one’s feet. Generally people can wear a bigger size of sneaker due to the extra padding, but look for a ballet flat that is true-to-size to make up for the lack of extra cushioning.

Browse over 850 women’s size 10.5 shoes at

One of my favorite new shoe arrivals available in women’s size 10.5.

Aerosoles Faximize Black Leather at

Faximize by Aerosoles is a Mid Heel Casual Slingback

All the best,
The Shoe Lady

All the best,

The Shoe Lady

My summer look for the office needs some sprucing up.

Q: Hi Shoe Lady,

For the past few years, I have relied on the same office look, and I am interested in branching out. My summer work look needs some sprucing up. Any ideas for moving closer to sandals, but still appropriate for work?

All the best,

A: Hi Elizabeth,
It sounds as though you require something with a covered toe for your office environment. A lighter weight shoe could be the way to go also for those summer months. Here are a few suggestions for you to think about.

Jer by Trotters, a good, comfortable office shoe.
Here we have a modified take on the ballet flat by Trotters. The Jeri shoe has a slingback, which enables more breathing room.
South Role by Aerosoles, a high heel casual slingack, great for office.
South Role by Aerosoles is a slingback pump that comes in green, black, or tan. The cutouts in the toe box add a bit of the risque without sacrificing the career shoe requirements for sobriety.

Acalia by Antia is a low heeled dressy flat at
Acalia by Antia is a shoe that gives you a cross between ballet flats and sandals. The pattern paired with solid pants or skirts will make a good balance of textures.

Take care,
Shoe Lady