Shoes for Teachers

Hello Shoe Lady,
This is your sister again.
I admit that I didn’t take the advice you offered last time I wrote. I succumbed to the ease of the washable shoes even though you recommended a nice mule.
I’ve been on my feet teaching math here in Florida now for a few months. I’d like some comfortable, stylish shoes that I can wear throughout the school year. I’m looking for something with a 1″ heel in a cocoa brown color with a price that fits a teacher’s wallet and my short wide foot. Remember all those summers we went barefoot? We didn’t know then but I am paying the price now with “spreading” feet!
I’m looking forward to some suggestions from you.

Your much younger sister

Well dear little, short, tiny footed sister….. it isn’t going barefoot that made your feet wide. It is getting old. Actually, not true. You were born with wide feet. I remember. Chubby little things.

Anyway…. I digress.
Here is a link for you to find brown low heeled shoes –
In the “Sort by” box in tiny letters (put on your glasses) on the right side of the page of shoes, sort by Price.

I know there are boots and you are in Florida. Sorry we don’t have an “exclude” function on search. But by limiting the shoe choices to “low” heel, you miss some great clogs and mules that have a higher heel but also a platform. That reduces the angle and brings your short self more in line with the family.

Take a look at the Softwalk mules (you can sort by Mule under the STYLE department).
I suggest the Mika, the Murietta and the Denver, all in your size and color. I added the images for each shoe below in case you needed a visual guide.

Softwalk Denver Wheat at

Denver by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

Softwalk Mika Dark Brown at

Mika by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Dressy Mule

Softwalk Murietta Cognac Croco at

Murietta by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

I also think you and your kids would have fun with you showing up in a pair of Cape Clogs mules. You can get flower prints or skull and cross bones… wear according to your mood. Let it be a warning to the little tykes.

The Shoe Lady

About Shoe Widths

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the meaning of certain terms used to describe the width of a shoe. I thought I should write up a quick post to explain the meaning of each term. Knowledge is power so here we go!

Shoe manufacturers have standardized rules for how to measure length but shoe width measurements are much more variable. There is some general agreement that a shoe increases 3/16th of an inch around the circumference of the ball of the foot for every increase in width for the same length. But different manufacturers accomplish the extra width differently. Some may cut more material for the upper part of the shoe. Some may cut the sole slightly wider. Some may only increase the width for every full size length change – or even every couple of size length changes. You never can be sure as the manufacturing processes can differ even for the same style.

Here are the terms used to measure shoe widths moving from the most narrow to the widest:

SS = AAAA = “extra slim” or “quad”, the narrowest size generally available. Even these widths are increasingly rare.

S = AAA= “slim” or “triple”

AA = N = “narrow” or “double A”

M = B = “medium”, the most common or “average” width for that size.

W = C or D = “wide”

WW = EE or EEE = “extra wide”

WWW = EEEE = “triple wide’. These widths are even more rare than the SS widths, although that may change as the rate of obesity increases. Obesity is only one of many factors that make for wider feet. And one can be obese but not have wider feet.

Remember you can always find more information how to measure your feet to find the perfect size by clicking here

On a different note I have been obsessing over boots. I seem to check out every pair I see. On the T, around town or at work. Boston women do where the cutest boots EVER! Here is a pair I am considering on buying. Let me know what you think?

Aerosoles Sarasota Blue Fabric at

Sarasota by Aerosoles is a Low Heel Casual Boot

Two Different Foot Sizes

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am a parent of a child with hemi hypertrophy of the lower left extremity. Our problem is finding shoes, we can generally find a new balance that will accommodate her feet, but as far as finding little girl shoes to go with her uniform, and or girly flat boots for the winter, it is virtually impossible, just because of the width. Do she wears about a 7 on her regular sized foot, and the left she wears somewhere around an 11 or 12, but maybe even a 10 if we can get the width correct. My question is do you make those type of shoes, and if so, would I half to purchase 2 pair of shoes (like i normally do) or since it is special made would you charge me for one?

Dear Mom-

Many years ago when the internet was young there was a company that tried to bring together a clearinghouse for people who needed two different sizes of shoes. Unfortunately, it never worked and is gone. The only way to manage this is to buy two pairs of shoes, same style, different sizes.

As for price, there is no discount. But you can always watch for sales!

As for style advice, I don’t know enough about the age and style preferences of your daughter to venture a recommendation, however we do offer over 200 pairs of flats that range in sizes from 7 – 15. Below is one (I think) cute example.

Barefoot Tess Tuscany Blue at

Tuscany by Barefoot Tess is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

I do hope this problem resolves itself so she can get back to more normal shoe shopping soon.

Best to you and your daughter.

The Shoe Lady – June Blow Out Sale – 25% Sale Items!

I wanted to let all our loyal readers know is offering 25% off over 900 shoes already marked down as much as 80% off. Offer expires on July 4th! Use coupon code – JUNEONSALE!

Forgotten Soles Caprie Black



Forgotten Soles shoe is marked down by 50%. Add the additional 25% coupon – JUNEONSALE – that’s saving 75% at!


Naturalizer Falconette New Tan Leather

Falconette by Naturalizer is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal



Falconette by Naturalizer shoe is marked down by 60%. Add the additional 25% coupon – JUNEONSALE – that’s saving 85% at!

Annie Dainty Black Patent And Black

Dainty by Annie is a Mid Heel Dressy Slingback

Dainty by Annie shoe is marked down by 40%. Add the additional 25% coupon – JUNEONSALE – that’s saving 65% at!

Aerosoles General Bronze

General by Aerosoles is a Mid Heel Dressy Boot

General by Aerosoles shoe is marked down by 20%. Add the additional 25% coupon – JUNEONSALE – that’s saving 55% at!

Happy shopping!

I’m an Athletic Woman Who Needs Stylish Knee High Boots

Dear Pam,

I would start with a Naturalizer boot. The company has been around a long time and knows a lot about the quirks of shoe fitting. You would think shoemakers would be smart enough to know that a narrow or medium foot can support a muscular or wide calf?!? They are sized to allow you to get a medium width foot and a wide calf in a number of brands. But Naturalizer has been doing it the longest. You also may want to look at the boots that have some stretch material in the shaft. They aren’t “wide shaft” but they can accommodate a wider calf. Annie has some, as does Barefoot Tess. Of course, you have to catch them in season!

The Shoe Lady

Keeping Warm on a Ski Trip

Dear Shoe Lady,

My husband and I are planning to fly to Colorado after Christmas for a ski trip, and considering I live in the South, I can’t say I’m at all prepared! I want to be stylish, but of course my biggest priority is not having my feet freeze over. Can you suggest some cute boots and shoes that can handle winter weather?

Thank you!!

Clare from Texas


Dear Clare,

I’m going skiing myself soon, and I can definitely understand the importance of staying comfortable yet stylish around the slopes. One of my favorite winter brands is Tamarac, and all of their shoes and boots are just the warmest.

Tamarac Arizona Rootbeer -

These loafers are perfect for walking around your hotel or cabin or even outside, if you don’t want to wear boots. These come in a few colors, but I think the black-on-black is very stylish and matches with just about everything.

Tamarac Megan Black -

Boots will be your #1 staple around the ski resort! I love the Megan boots because the sharktooth-style toggles on the sides add a stylish touch to an otherwise classic suede boot shape.

Oh! And of course, I should add that everything from Tamarac is 10% off right now (code: TAMARAC).

Trotters Blast Too Mocha -

What I adore about these boots by Trotters is that they’re practical, waterproof, and warm, but they definitely don’t compromise style at all. They’re perfect for apres ski dinner or drinks.

Have a great trip!

– The Shoe Lady

New boots for fall…

Dear Shoe Lady,

With every fall, I get the urge to add yet another pair of boots to my collection. This year, I’ve been looking for a knee high boot in deep cognac or dark brown to wear with a skirt and wool floppy hat (a la Ali MacGraw in the ’70s) or with black leggings and a chunky knit sweater on casual weekends – something comfortable, with a bit of a heel, and not too bulky around the ankles and calves. And not terribly expensive either. And being that I’m a bit on the tall side (5’10”), an extended calf would be great to have too!

Here are a few I’m considering..


Naturalizer Array Oxford Brown Wide Shaft Leather/ Elastic Fabric

Naturalizer Array Oxford Brown Wide Shaft Leather/ Elastic Fabric


Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw


Aerosoles Ride Line Brown Pu

Aerosoles Ride Line Brown Pu

What do you think? I would love to see your suggestions as well.

Thanks so much,



Dear Katie,

I love both pairs!
Either would go great with causal or more dressy looks, but I prefer the pair in cognac as they have a more polished look and will add a bit more color to your wardrobe (I love wearing my cognac-colored boots with black jeans and maxi skirts).

Here are few more I thought could work too (both are available in extended calf sizes).


Annie Ropper Coach Antique Nubuc Wide Calf

Annie Ropper Coach Antique Nubuc Wide Calf


Naturalizer Glassy Dark Sienna Wide Shaft Suede/ Leather

Naturalizer Glassy Dark Sienna Wide Shaft Suede/ Leather

Keep us posted on your findings and happy boot hunting!

The Shoe Lady