New Spring 2011 Look

Q: Hi Shoe Lady,

Are there any spring 2011 trends or comebacks that you have noticed lately?

– Kristina

A: Hi Kristina

For spring, bright and vibrant citrus colors are becoming more popular this season. Clogs are definitely finding their way as a fashion staple. With a new variety in stock, you can see that the styles start to take cues from the fun patterns that can be found in the playful and colorful rain boots of today. Clogs can be a versatile shoe and will be appropriate with work trousers or with jeans in a more casual setting. The best part is that there are so many styles and patterns out now.

"Semisoft Hunter Green by Cape Clogs"

This Semisoft Hunter Green clog by Cape Clogs is a more traditional take on the clog, and provides a nicely covered heel.

"Cape Clogs Blue Bells"

The Blue Bells clog by Cape Clogs is another option with a more organic rhythm to the floral pattern.


"SemiSoft Lollipop"

Semisoft Lollipop by Cape Clogs has a subtle psychedelic quality that provides a good style balance.


The Shoe Lady