Shoeless No More! Woman With Size 13 Extra Wide Size Feet Has Choices.

Dear Shoe Lady,

I’m currently shoeless.   So I came across your site and was mezmerized!  I’m currently at 480lbs and 5’11.   I measured my foot at 11 inches and the girth at 10 inches and the width at 6 inches.   Please help me find the right sneaker!


Dear M. –

I do apologize for the delay in responding!  I have been at a NYC Shoe Show, taking a look at spring styles.  (More on that to come.)  But I’m back to my keyboard now.

Finding hard to find sizes like extra extra wide shoes for women is my reason for being here!  Based on your length and width, I am suggesting a size 13WWW for you.   (Take a look for yourself at this size chart.)   This size is also referred to as a 13 EEEE some places.  Please do read my article, About Shoe Widths  for more information about how manufacturers think about widths.  Basically, they are very imprecise.  And you must also consider the shape of your foot with the shape of the shoe.

I definitely suggest velcro or lace up closures or a mary jane strap style for you.  I’m guessing that your feet may swell during later parts of the day and you want to be able to give them some extra room.

New Balance lace up shoe style comes in size 13 Extra Extra Wide
A great choice for hard to fit feet.
Extra Extra Wide widths and other colors are available. Propet Breeze sandal in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW) New Balance lace up comes in other colors.  Great stability and comfort features.

I wish I had more choices to suggest to you.  As of today, I find 10 styles in size 13 Extra Extra Wide (WWW)  at this url address.  Your best brands are going to be New Balance and Propet.  Both companies are just beginning to get in their Fall styles and have pretty much sold out of their Spring styles.  So you should have more choices by early September.

Thank you for writing,
The Shoe Lady

Shoe Lady Rants on Behalf of Michelle Obama and Tall Ladies Everywhere

I’m hot.  It is Day 3 in a heat wave.  Humid.  That’s enough to make The Shoe Lady rant about anything.

But HEY.  Gotta say.  The First Lady of the USA should have more choice in shoes.  The internet thinks Michelle Obama is a size 11.5.  But The Shoe Lady was told by the Chicago shoe store merchant who sold her shoes that she is a size 12.  The Shoe Lady, who measures as a size 11.5 but opts for a size 12 because there are no 11.5’s to choose from, understands the plight of FLOTUS.  (First Lady of the United States)

So why must she, must I, must tall women everywhere, have so little choice in shoes?

The average shoe size for women in the USA is officially, this year, a size 9.   While many brands start at size 5, most start at size 6.  And most stop at size 10.

It is really too hot to start lecturing about the meaning of a bell curve.  But if the shoe manufacturers start at size 6 and stop at size 10 and the average size is size 9…..


If the shoe manufacturers wanted the core market for women’s shoes, they would make most of their shoes size 9.  It costs a lot of money to make a style in different sizes.  So The Shoe Lady understands why they don’t want to expand their size production too much.  But start with size 9, go up a size and down a size.  Then they are making sizes 8, 9, 10.  Expand the market more, then they are making 7, 8, 9,10, 11.    Expand the market just one more time so they are making only 7 whole sizes:  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

The Shoe Lady is happy.  The FLOTUS is happy.   My tall sisters who wear size 13, 14, 15+ are still not happy, but maybe those great shoe manufacturers like Naturalizer and Bellini and Bella Vita that now make almost everything to size 12 will expand their sizes too?

The Shoe Lady feels better now.

for her size 12 feet.

for her size 12 feet.

obama-feet-3 Obama-sz-12


My Big Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
I would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge! I wear a 13 in mens, 14 1/2 in sandals and a 16 in heels! Im so lost. I can find shoes but they are always tooooo high or tooo big. Im afraid of falling. I would like some heels that I dont have to hold on my hand all night. Thank you for your time.

Dear Brandy,
Never fear- the Shoe Lady is here to help! I would highly recommend measuring the length and width of your feet in either centimeters or inches then comparing your measurements to our helpful shoe size conversion chart. If you are a 13 in mens then you would be a size 14.5 in women’s shoes. You should not be wearing a size 16 in women’s heels!

Your next preidciment is most vendors do not make a women’s size 14.5. Shameful I know. But you could try a women’s size 15 narrow or a size 15. That would open up your selection of shoes. Half sizes are almost impossible to find once you are greater than a size 12 so always keep that in mind.

Here are some size 15 high heel shoes you’re sure to turn heads while saving your feet!

Barefoot Tess Bordeaux Tan Giraffe at

Bordeaux by Barefoot Tess is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Takera Asjha Chocolate-red at

Asjha by Takera is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Barefoot Tess Bradford Olive at

Bradford by Barefoot Tess is a High Heel Casual Bootie

Click here to browse all styles!

Best of Luck,
The Shoe Lady

Shoes for a Tall Lady to Wear to a Reunion?

Dear Shoe Lady,

I want to look terrific at my reunion this spring.  What do you suggest for shoes?  By the way, I’m on the tall side.


Dear B.T.,

First, I’m guessing that because you mentioned you are tall, you are looking for lower heels?  High heels can be lots of fun for tall women.  But here I’ll stick with lower heel suggestions.

Sandals are great, whether they glitter with rhinestones,

Montaege Pocahontas Black w Crystals -

shine with patent

Aerosoles Gaduation Black Leather -

or metallic finish leathers  or go earth tones with fabric and leather weaves .  I also love the by Special Occasions worn with stove pipe, cropped or capri pants – a glittery,

Softwalk Rodano Bright Multi -

feminine, flattering footwear look and comfortable too.  


Special Occasions Glamour Ballet Black -

Top it off with a flowing tunic or cascade coat top from Truly Your. It’s hard to find interesting clothes when your tall.  These floaty, colorful tunics and tops are extra long and look great at a party! If you are inclined to want to stand out in the crowd and flaunt your own fashion sense, try designing your own footwear.  


Touch Ups Letitica White Satin -

Dyeable shoes are low priced and versatile. Don’t just think of them for proms and weddings.  Go get some fabric markers or fabric paint.  Order a plain white ballet flat, a white wedge pump  or a peep toe slingback.  Go to town with your own design right on the fabric!   ….. and send us a photo of the results!

Have fun!

The Shoe Lady