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Asked Questions

Silver HIGH HEELS in women’s size 12 or 13 wide

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am looking for Silver HIGH HEELS in women’s size 12 or 13 wide. Can you help me?

Silver is a striking color that works with a variety of other hues. I like to think of it as jewelry on your feet. A touch of a shimmer or metallic reflections can really help to complete a look. Here are a couple of options to get you started!

Touch Ups Jillian Silver at

Jillian by Touch Ups is a High Heel Dressy Sandal

Special Occasions Paola Silver at

Paola by Special Occasions is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Touch Ups Twilight Silver at

Twilight by Touch Ups is a High Heel Dressy Sandal

Browse the additonal shoe options by clicking here!

Good Luck,
The Shoe Lady

Large Women Shoes

Dear shoe lady,
A desperate call from a plus size lady. I’ve been wearing mens shoes for almost a decade. I can’t even wear women’s shoes anymore because the sizes are too small. I used to wear women’s size 13 until load and behold my feet spread because of my weight which is fine but I learned at a young age to take care of your self and always be professional. I wear size 13 in mens because there comfortable and wide enough not to hurt my feet but there too long in the length.

I am flat footed and I am on my feet eight to ten hours a day and I love to walk. I am starting school again and there are no professional shoes in any store in NYC that cater my size. I swear off spikey heels because of the fear of the heel breaking and me falling. I measured my foot which is 11 and a half inches to 12 inches in length and 5 and a half inches in width. I will love to learn to wear thick heels for the office. I experiment on shoes in the size of 13 wide but they were tight in the width so I’m thinking 13 double wide to 14 is my size but unsure. Shoe lady you are my last hope HELP!!!! PLEASE A DESPERATE CALL FROM A PLUS SIZE LADY.

Dear Shannel-
DO NOT DESPAIR! Here is the goal. Men’s shoes or women’s shoes, we want to get you the right shoes so that you feel terrific when you are at school and at work.

First, I question your measurements. If you wear a size 13 in men’s shoes and you measure your feet at 11.5 inches to 12 inches, then you need to be looking for a woman’s size 15. They are hard to find. But has 131 styles. Trying to fit into a size 13 shoe will be very depressing indeed.

Second, understanding your real requirement for width can be tricky too. A 5.5 inch measurement for width is a WW or extra wide in a size 15. When you narrow it down to WW, there are only seven choices. But width is deceiving. You may need an even wider width if your feet are thick from top to bottom. Or you may be able to wear a medium or wide if the shoe is long enough, and the right style and your foot is flexible. Read more about wide feet here.

Now back to the problem at hand. As much as we don’t like it, a whole lot of us, your Shoe Lady included, have had to shop in the men’s department for shoes sometimes. For work and for school, I recommend finding a shoe with a thick cushioned sole that is wide enough and long enough. Try the Clark by Tamarac.

Tamarac Clark Antique at

Clark by Tamarac is a Low Heel Casual Loafer

I also recommend going to a store that carries New Balance shoes and finding something comfortable in your size. And, one more thing…. in New York City, you may not be able to find shoes in your size, but you can find shoe stores that have pedorthists. Your main goal MUST be to care for those hard to fit feet. Don’t punish them. A good pedorthist will help you understand how to do that. And a pedorthist may be able to help you find some men’s styles that will be appropriate for work and school.

As for those 131 size 15’s – once you have comfortable, every day shoes, then look for shoes for play. There are some very cute ballet flats. In a couple of weeks we will have some “Ugg” style boots in your size. Some of the styles that work may be fabric shoes. Look at the Sanuk styles. Look at the Cape Clogs styles, they are made in Scandinavia with wood soles. We have two styes available now that go to size 15. I recommend the gold –

Cape Clogs Gold Gold at

Gold by Cape Clogs is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

, not something you’ll find in the Men’s Dept.! And look at the new Fit In Clouds line. If the size 14 in that brand works for you, you will have party shoes at less than $30 a pair!

I wish the choices were greater. I know those Shoe Fairies at are working on it for you.

Best wishes in your new academic program,

The Shoe Lady

Keeping Warm on a Ski Trip

Dear Shoe Lady,

My husband and I are planning to fly to Colorado after Christmas for a ski trip, and considering I live in the South, I can’t say I’m at all prepared! I want to be stylish, but of course my biggest priority is not having my feet freeze over. Can you suggest some cute boots and shoes that can handle winter weather?

Thank you!!

Clare from Texas


Dear Clare,

I’m going skiing myself soon, and I can definitely understand the importance of staying comfortable yet stylish around the slopes. One of my favorite winter brands is Tamarac, and all of their shoes and boots are just the warmest.

Tamarac Arizona Rootbeer -

These loafers are perfect for walking around your hotel or cabin or even outside, if you don’t want to wear boots. These come in a few colors, but I think the black-on-black is very stylish and matches with just about everything.

Tamarac Megan Black -

Boots will be your #1 staple around the ski resort! I love the Megan boots because the sharktooth-style toggles on the sides add a stylish touch to an otherwise classic suede boot shape.

Oh! And of course, I should add that everything from Tamarac is 10% off right now (code: TAMARAC).

Trotters Blast Too Mocha -

What I adore about these boots by Trotters is that they’re practical, waterproof, and warm, but they definitely don’t compromise style at all. They’re perfect for apres ski dinner or drinks.

Have a great trip!

– The Shoe Lady

New Size Chart for Measuring your Feet has just launched a new website with a great new size chart.  This chart will answer so many questions – you may not need me anymore. That’s too horrible to contemplate.  You can still ask me questions about sizing, shoe styles, shoes for special occasions and more. 

Write to
Please put “ShoeLady” in the subject line of your email.


The Shoe Lady

Shoes for European Travel

Dear Shoe Lady,

I’m going to Italy for a two week vacation. I’ll never find my size there so I need to be sure to pack the right shoes. What do you suggest?

SL, Tampa, FL

Dear SL,

Fortunately for you I can tell you what is in style this summer and what comfort and fashion oriented travelers are wearing. Lace ups are huge. Most women traveling have discovered the sport casual lace up look launched a few years ago by Puma. I suggest you look at our Swift by Hush Puppies style to get an idea of this look.

Another lace up look that is almost required if you are under 30 – retro sneakers. Converse is big and all the new versions of the low top, lace up sneakers give you lots of choices. I love the PF Flyers choices. And for a trip to Italy, you can’t go wrong with the Center Lo version in Chinese silk! If you are doing a lot of walking, think thick soles with lots of cushioning. Soft Style offer lots of choices with thicker cushioned soles.

Last but not least…. EVERYONE is wearing ballet flats. They are in all colors, pastels and brights, patents and metallics. They usually have some ornamentation. Grab a pair of the
Have a great vacation!

The Shoe Lady

Dear Shoe Lady- I wear a size 11 men’s shoe and I don’t want to shop anymore in the men’s department!

Oh my. All the hours I’ve spent skulking around in shoe bins in men’s discount stores looking for a loafer that would seem cute; and feminine. This question brings back memories.

The simple answer: if you wear a men’s size 11 then you should be buying a women’s size 13. But that’s too easy. Let’s get down to some of the things to consider.

First, technically men’s sizes tend to be 1.5 numbers less than the equivalent women’s size. So, technically, you should be wearing a size 12.5. But no shoe manufacturers that we know make a 12.5. So move to the 13. There are charts on’s Shoe Size Chart that have detailed measurements.

Then you must consider that men’s shoes tend to be wider than women’s. Are you shloshing around in your men’s shoes? You may be delighted to find that a women’s 13M fits you fine. But if those men’s shoes do fit – look for a 13W (wide) or 13WW (extra wide). The difference between an M to a W or a W to a WW is only about 0.25 inches around the CIRCUMFERENCE of the ball of your foot. …. a very small measurement. But it can make a big difference when you are walking or standing in these shoes all day. Try to get the one size and width that fits you best. But if your preferred size isn’t available – you might find that the next width over or a shorter but wider size will work too. actually has a whole article on shopping in men’s sizes.

Now that you’ve got a ball park range for what size to wear…. you must consider shape. Look objectively at the shape of your foot. Do your toes taper to a point? Or are they squared off like a rectangle? Is your foot shallow and flat or thick and muscular? Can your foot fit into narrower shoes comfortably because it has no discomfort with a squeeze around the sides?; Or does that thought put you in agony? Even if your foot on the bottom is a medium width, if your foot is thick and doesn’t like to be squeezed – you may be happier in a wide width.; Do you long for the pumps that come to a point?; Or do you love those baby doll round toe ballet flats? If you have a rectangular foot shape – you should plan to go up at least half a size to fit into a pointed toe shoe.

Now that you know about what size you are and you know something about adjusting the size based on the shape of your own foot and the shape of the shoes you want, there’s one more thing to keep in mind. Sorry to tell you this but. Shoes made to the same size standards will fit and feel differently! Despite the international standardization of shoe sizing – factories don’t, and can’t, always make such different styles of shoes to fit exactly the same way. Even if they are the correct length and width, some will feel roomier, some snugger because of the shoe design, the materials, the heel height, etc. So once you determine your preferred size – never assume it will be the last and only size you’ll ever buy!