Fourteen Year Old Needs Size 15 Shoes – that are Cute for a Teen!

Hi Shoe Lady,

My 14 year old daughter is 6’2″ and wears a size 15 shoe. I have the hardest time finding age appropriate shoes (flats, sandals, low heels) for her. The shoes I find are either to high or not trendy enough for her age. She thinks they look too much like grown folks shoes. Please give me some advice on a site I can go to. And to, the shoes are soooo expensive when you get pass a size 12.

Please advise.


Dear Q,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you wrote on behalf of your daughter!  Please use this coupon code – your first name in all caps- and she’ll save 10% on her first order of size 15 shoes.

Everyone knows that women’s feet are getting longer fast.  The average size in 1990 was size 7.  Today it is size 9.  Tell me why shoe stores still stop at size 10?  What will they do in 2030 when the average women’s shoe size is size 11?  Will they still stop at size 10?  Whew!

I find 87 styles in size 15 on today.  Some of these are not appropriate for a 15 year old.  But I do think you will find some cute and inexpensive choices.  Manufacturers are beginning to realize that there is a big market here.

Also, I strongly suggest that you carefully measure her feet to make sure she really is a size 15.   Follow the instructions here:   Let me know if you have any questions.


The Shoe Lady

Size 14’s Are Not Always Correctly Sized?

Shoe Lady:

Lava Ivory silver metallic sandal. You advertise that the shoe can be purchased in a size 14. A few yrs ago, I  purchased the Cloud fit flat in a 14 and found  out that it was sized correctly . So, before I waste time ordering that sandal, I need to know if it is a true 14.



Dear Cassie-

I just checked.  The Lava silver sandal, I assume you mean the Barbara, is not available in size 14.  If it was, it is now sold out.  I’ve been asking Lava to make larger sizes, like a size 14.  But I don’t think they have yet.
I assume in your email you meant the Fit In Clouds brand shoes?  And that you meant it was NOT sized correctly?
They are a new brand and I, for one, am eternally grateful to the owner that he was willing to go to his factory and have them try to make a size 14.  The factory had never done it before.  Most factories refuse.  But the owner of Fit in Clouds prevailed. (They are a completely different company than Lava, by the way.)  It took a season for them to adjust the fit, with lots of conversations with me and with customers.  The reason it is hard to find size 14 shoes is because brands don’t know how to size them correctly.
And…. I’m just sayin’ here…. when a brand actually DOES TRY to make a size 14,  it is better for us larger footed folks if we encourage and guide them, not criticize and scold them.  Just sayin’.
Consider throwing some kudos to Samanta and Barefoot Tess and Forgotten Soles and Maasai Sandals for the efforts they make to bring us more size 14‘s.
The Shoe Lady