Need Shoe Size Advice ASAP for Trotters

Dear Shoe Lady,

I wear any where from a 9 to a 10 US size–foot measures 10.06 inches long, 3.31 wide for width ( actual width of toes), further down .5 inches below toes–3.44 inches wide, and 2.83 for the heel.  What size should I order for the trotter’s Liz shoe?  I am leaving town in two weeks.  I have trouble with the width by the toes and the width of the heel fitting.



Dearest Janet-

I don’t understand your description of your foot measurements.  Just to clarify, the “width” of the your foot measurement is the WIDEST part of your foot, not your toe area.  And, regrettably, it has been a long time since shoe manufacturers paid attention to the width of your heel, it is assumed to be in proportion to the length of your foot and the width at the “ball” of your foot.  So I’m going to take you for 10.06 inches long and 3.44 inches wide.
Foot Measurements
You are pretty close to a perfect 9.5 N.
I’m also not clear on what “trouble” you have with the toe and heel width?  Too wide?  Too narrow?
If you like your shoes a little wider, go for a 9.5M.  If you like them roomier in the toe, go for a 10N.
Rest assured that I am not measuring the actual Trotter’s Liz shoe in these sizes.  I am going by two pieces of information:
1.  Your measurements, as given, compared to the internationally recognized data on the size chart
2.  My knowledge that Trotters does a very good job of making shoes according to the size specifications used internationally.
I do hope this information reaches you in time for your trip!
Bon Voyage!
The Shoe Lady

Narrow Feet – Toes Too Tight and Heels Too Loose

Dear Shoe Lady,
My foot measures 10 inches long and 3 and a quarter inches wide at widest part of largest foot. Is that 10 and a half, narrow? Some narrows are a bit tight in the toes, but mediums are so wide in the heel, I can’t keep them on my foot. I do okay with flats, but when the heel is elevated, it is hard to keep them on. Thanks for your help.

Dearest Barbara,
With a length of 10 and width of 3.25 puts your size as 9.5 Narrow (N or AA). What size are you currently wearing now? Since the narrows are tight in the toes but loose in the heels then you may want to play around with insoles and possibly heel grips.

Full and half insoles offer different levels of support and no insole will create the perfect fit without trial and error. If you send me your email address I would be happy to mail send you some full insoles to play around with. Remember you can always trim the insoles. Email erica AT designershoes DOT com.

If you are looking for stylish flats in size 9.5 narrow here are some lovely options. The Naturalizer Shoes are known for their comfort more than style but that has been changing over the last few years. The Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallicare a stylish ballet flat with a buckle detail.

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic at

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Ross Hommerson shoes are always made from quality materials, anti microbial foam and padded footbeds, some with arch supports. Ross Hommerson is on the expensive side so may sure to wait for sales. The Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa pictured below is on SALE for $48.82. Marked down from $99.00 and is made of COROLLA CONSTRUCTION

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa at

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Slender Long Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have a daughter who is 13 and wears an 11.5 to 12 narrow width. Do you think you can help me to find her a more modern shoe than they have in the stores and more of an variety?

Dearest Hazel,
We have so many options to choose from! Our website features a very wide variety of sizes & widths including narrow, slim and extra slim, so no worries on finding the right size and style for your daughter. If you were looking for a dressier option, may I recommend Trotters Janna? Such a simple, classic heeled shoe would be perfect for a 13 year old. The Trotters brand offers narrow widths in sizes up to a womens 12.

Trotters Janna White Pearl

Trotters Janna White Pearl

For a little bit more style and warmth, I would like to shoe- I mean ‘show’ you (I’m very excited about these) the Softwalk Dani boots. These ankle boots are very ‘in’ right now and they make a perfect present this time of year.

Softwalk Dani Black

Dani by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Bootie

If, however, you are more interested in casual, yet classy looking shoes- one can never go wrong with a great pair of flats such as the Antia Abella shoes in black. Although simple, they are versatile enough to go with any outfit, for almost any occasion. Happy Shopping!

Antia Abella Black

Abella by Antia is a Low Heel Casual Pump

Narrow Slingback Shoes

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am looking for a pair of navy blue flat slingback shoes in size 9AA. Do you have anything?
Thank you!

Hey Phyllis,
Slingbacks shoes are fabulous options, because of the adjustable ankle strap. I champion any style that aims towards that perfect fit especially for the narrow women’s foot. I would check back in periodically to view any updated styles. Below you will find a solid choice as a jumping off point.

Trotters Dea Navy

Dea by Trotters is a Low Heel Dressy Slingback

Browse all Narrow women’s Slingback shoes!

Narrow Shoe Width

Dear Shoe Lady,
My foot measures 3 1/16 across. I usually wear 7.5-8 in ladies shoes. What is my foot width? Is it AA or A? This matters a great deal as AA is often pinching and B is swimming on my foot. Please help!

Thank you,

Hi Joan,
Even though there should be a size between AA and B (A is essentially the same as AA or 2A), there currently isn’t. You are on the right track by testing out what works for you. In the meantime if a shoe is too small and the result is discomfort, I suggest getting the next width up. I would also take into account if there is any extra padding available in order to compensate for the bit of extra space in the shoe.

Here is a lovely shoe that could work for you.

Trotters Janna Leopard at

Janna by Trotters is a Mid Heel Casual

Happy Browsing!

Shoe Lady