Looking for Size 10 Wide Fun, Affordable Shoes to Kick the Blahs!

Dear Shoe Lady,

I live in East TN. U.S.A.  I have such a hard time finding size 10 D shoes that have style!!!   I would love to dress up sometimes, to kick the just turned 50 blahs…. but since I have no shoes, its pointless to bother…jeans are nice but these days I want to look a bit nicer for a dinner date….are there ANY stores that carry affordable shoes in my size…or do I have to live in flip flops and rain boots forever?  HELP!!!



 Dear Maria,

 There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to kick the blahs…. at any age!

I want to respond to two parts of your question before going deep into answers.  First, what makes you think you are a 10D?  This is also a 10W, a wide but not too wide size 10.  It is a shame (shame on the shoe industry!) that you have a hard time finding this size.  But since you do, and presumably haven’t seen many, I’m wondering why you think it is the right size?  You could be a 9 or even an 8 Extra Wide.  You could be a 10.5M.  Or you could just have a thicker foot or wider forefoot and so need to select shoe styles of a certain shape.  Please do read http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/width and http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/measure-feet and then use your knowledge to pick the correct size from this size chart http://www.designershoes.com/size-chart.  One of the saddest parts of my job is discovering how few women really know what size (or sizes!) shoes they should wear.  But for the purposes of answering your question, I will assume you are a 10 Wide.

Second, what is your definition of “affordable shoes”?  The Shoe Lady loves to holiday in the Bergdorf Goodman women’s shoe department.  It is free to go there and it is such a huge treat to see all those beautiful shoes.  But The Shoe Lady knows that “affordable shoes” at Bergdorf’s are around $500.  She assumes (again!) that this is probably not the price you had in mind?  Materials are a big component of shoe cost.  Leather vs. faux leather.  Another big component of cost is the size of the manufacturing run.  If the brand made 10,000 pair of that style, it will be a lot cheaper per pair than if the brand made 100 pair.  Location is also a factor for two reasons.  First, if they were manufactured in a country with low labor rates, they will be cheaper.  Second if they were manufactured in a country that keeps their dollar to local currency exchange rate artificially low, allowing the dollar to buy more, they will also be cheaper.  (China?  Could we be talking about you?)  So if you want to buy all leather shoes made in Italy where the cost of labor is based on a living wage and the Euro is strong, then you will pay more, no matter how big the manufacturing run for that style.  But you are looking for fun, fashionable shoes to kick those blahs!  They don’t have to be leather.  And China, in the last decade, has learned how to make excellent shoes.  So there are options.

Now let’s find a price range that is affordable.  The Shoe Lady thought she’d do an online search to confirm her idea of the average price of women’s shoes.  One source says $85.  One source says $49.  The Shoe Lady was prepared to guess $65.  And, as math would have it, the average between these two sources is $67.  Let’s go with $65.  This includes the occasional pair of leather boots, the fabric sneakers you found on sale, etc.  Now let’s make that average more affordable by knocking it down by 25% to $50.  I will assume (again!) that this is ok with you?

Let’s go shopping for size 10 wides and see what we can find that would kick those blahs for $50 or less?

I am attaching styles that I found today in size 10 wide at DesignerShoes.com at this address:  http://www.designershoes.com/all-products?dir=asc&order=price&p=2&sizewidth=205

The only exception, not on that page, is the Fit in Clouds style ($22) fits size 10W , each size covers half sizes and widths but you should order the size 11M because the 10W isn’t listed.  The prices range from $22 to $49.99.

But wait!  There’s more!  If you sign up for the ShoeNews email from DesignerShoes.com, you will get a new discount coupon about once a week.  Those coupons help make shoes more affordable too.

Please do write and let me know if my assumptions about your shoe size and “affordable shoes” are correct?

Best to you,
The Shoe Lady


Bella Vita Deidre Black Patent platform sandal.  $46.54.

Bella Vita Deidre Black Patent platform sandal. $46.54.

Dyeables Grandeur in Merlot, strappy dress sandal, $27.97.

Dyeables Grandeur in Merlot, strappy dress sandal, $27.97.

Dyeables Elegance White slingback sandal,  $13.97.  Have it dyed or color it yourself!

Dyeables Elegance White slingback sandal, $13.97. Have it dyed or color it yourself!

Bella Vita brand Sante dressy sandal in Bronze.  $48.30

Bella Vita brand Sante dressy sandal in Bronze. $48.30

Bellini brand Dubai in Orange (also available in lime green).  $49.

Bellini brand Dubai in Orange (also available in lime green). $49.

Fit In Cloud Black Patent  flexi-fit ballet flat. $22.

Fit In Cloud Black Patent flexi-fit ballet flat. $22.


Touch Ups brand Abby dressy d’Orsay style pump in Silver. $47.

Aerosoles brand Raspberry in Purple Combo.  $49.99.

Aerosoles brand Raspberry in Purple Combo. $49.99.

Aerosoles brand Duble Down in Gold Snake.  $49.99

Aerosoles brand Duble Down in Gold Snake. $49.99

Touch Ups brand Gemini dressy pump in Black.  $49.99.

Touch Ups brand Gemini dressy pump in Black. $49.99.



Hiya, I was so surprised to find a response to my comment from you!  Thank you!
I have measured my feet and they are 4 1/8th W x 10 1/8th L   with what looks to be closer to the A shape than B…wet footprint…thanks to dogs water…lol (yes, I gave them fresh cleaned bowl) shows a very slight side mark between heel and ball of my foot…high arches! Ugh!
I live on my SSDI of 754.00 a month  and yes, it is very hard to find shoes!!
I plan to look at the shoes you suggested now but I wante to remember to thank you first!! Peace & thanks again from… hopefully,  barefoot & flip flops no more!!!




Find Your Foot Shape to Get the Best Fit in Shoes

Labor Day weekend is here and it is a perfect time to discover your foot type.  Why now?  The Shoe Lady most fervently hopes and recommends that you will be spending a significant portion of the weekend under sunny skies, near water and barefoot.

Get your bare feet wet.  Now step on dry pavement.  Which of the shapes below look most like your footprint?   Why does it matter?  There are 28 different “fit points” involved in building a pair of shoes.  Length and width are only two of those 28.  Understanding your foot’s shape will help you make better choices about the style of shoes to buy.

SHAPE A and B:  High arches.  Shape A has such high arches that the foot is raised off the ground even at the outside edge.  Shape B has high arches with a narrow outer edge of the foot touching the ground.  About 20% of the population have high arches.  This type of foot tends to be a bit more rigid than other types.

Recommendation for selecting shoe styles for feet with high arches:

Imagine carrying your body weight on your heels and the balls of your feet with a delicate bridge of tiny bones, tendons and muscles holding the foot together in mid air.  Are you feeling sorry for your feet?  You should be!  Treat them well.  Think about that delicate bridge and do what you can to support it.  Many shoes come with arch supports built in.  The Propet brand includes removable arch supports in all it’s styles.  Many other brands like Naturalizer, Ros Hommerson and Soft Spots include some styles with removable arch supports.  The problem with arch supports is making sure that it fits the shape of the arch in your foot.  Once you figure out how to support that arch, you will have a relatively wide selection of styles.  If you need an arch support or orthotic all the time, you may be limited to styles that are closed and styles that can accommodate an orthotic insert.

While you are imagining your foot centered around a delicate bridge linking the ball and the heel, don’t forget to feel sorry for the ball and heel – left to carry the full weight of whatever you may be.  Unless you are elfin thin, this can be hard work for the ball and heel of your foot.  Think soft cushioning for them.  Think about keeping them flat so they can share the burden of your weight.  When you wear heels, more responsibility for carrying your weight goes to your toes and the balls of your feet.   Ballet flats are a great choice.  Even better if the inner or outer sole add cushioning.

SHAPE C:  Average arches.  Shape C is what shoe makers assume when they design a new shoe style.  There is an arch, but not high.

Recommendation for selecting shoe styles for feet with average arches:

Pay attention to other aspects of your foot shape.  But you are “home free” on the arch issue when it comes to picking styles!

SHAPE D:  No arches.  Shape D is a flat foot with little or no arches.  About 20% to 30% of the population are born with flat feet.  We can also get flat feet as we age, often as a result of obesity, hypertension or diabetes.  Flat feet are normal and should not cause problems, unless there is an underlying condition that causes pain.  (If there is pain involved, see a podiatrist or physical therapist for treatment, this is over The Shoe Lady’s pay grade!)

Recommendation for selecting shoe styles for feet with no  arches:

One of the most annoying problems with buying shoes for flat feet is finding shoes that do not gap around the area of the arch.  The best choices for flat feet are shoes with a high vamp and shoes with a mary jane style strap across the top of the foot.  You will find many “granny” styles that fit this description.  Keep in mind, dear young one, that your sense of style can convert that granny look to something hot with the right accessories.  Think red mary jane’s and purple paisley knee socks.  It doesn’t have to be dull.  High vamp shoes also bring the two sides of the shoe together more and so will avoid the gapping problem with your shoes.  A loafer is a typical high vamp shoe.  Some other flats and pumps have higher vamps as part of their design.  There are more straps, inserts, etc.   A new “retro” style this season is the “smoker” flat.  it has a high vamp.  And, of course, lace ups and ankle boots are always good to close that gap.

Use these images to determine your foot type.

Use these images to determine your foot type.











Footnote on arches:   There are two main arches in  our feet.  The long arch runs from the ball of the foot to the heel.  The transversal arch runs under the ball of the foot.  For more information, see this Wikipedia article.

Walk in comfort!

The Shoe Lady

Slender Long Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have a daughter who is 13 and wears an 11.5 to 12 narrow width. Do you think you can help me to find her a more modern shoe than they have in the stores and more of an variety?

Dearest Hazel,
We have so many options to choose from! Our website features a very wide variety of sizes & widths including narrow, slim and extra slim, so no worries on finding the right size and style for your daughter. If you were looking for a dressier option, may I recommend Trotters Janna? Such a simple, classic heeled shoe would be perfect for a 13 year old. The Trotters brand offers narrow widths in sizes up to a womens 12.

Trotters Janna White Pearl

Trotters Janna White Pearl

For a little bit more style and warmth, I would like to shoe- I mean ‘show’ you (I’m very excited about these) the Softwalk Dani boots. These ankle boots are very ‘in’ right now and they make a perfect present this time of year.

Softwalk Dani Black

Dani by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Bootie

If, however, you are more interested in casual, yet classy looking shoes- one can never go wrong with a great pair of flats such as the Antia Abella shoes in black. Although simple, they are versatile enough to go with any outfit, for almost any occasion. Happy Shopping!

Antia Abella Black

Abella by Antia is a Low Heel Casual Pump

Women’s Shoe Size Question

Dear Shoe Lady, The length of my foot is 26.5 cm and the width is 10.5 cm.
 What is my correct shoe size? I have never been able to find a perfect fit.

Hi Katerina,
Our shoe size chart is a great jumping off point for shoe sizing. Based on your measurements, it appears that you could fit into a 10.5w to 11w comfortably. You want to make sure that you don’t wear widths that are more or less than 0.635cm (1/4”). You don’t want any slippage or pinching with your shoes. You always want to remember that the styles and manufacturing of a shoe will make a difference in the final fit. A ballet flat versus a padded sneaker might require a reduction or increase in the size you wear.

Naturalizer Creston Black Leather at DesignerShoes.com

Creston by Naturalizer is a Low Heel Casual Flat

Creston by Naturalizer has a casual look that can be paired with skirts or pants. I am a huge fan of dual use for shoes, and strive for comfort!

Happy browsing,
The Shoe Lady

Naturalizer Australian Shoe Size

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have a pair of Naturalizer wide shaft boots with the size 8 on them (In Australia) is this the same size I order for Naturalizer wide shaft boots from you? I’m looking at the brown array.
Thanks Donna

Hi Donna,
Australian sizes and US sizes follow the same measurements. That being said, you should always take into account the length and width of your foot. Depending on the style and manufacturer, shoes tend to have slight variations. A good place to start is with our size chart, which is in both centimeters and inches.

Naturalizer Array Oxford Brown Leather Elastic Fabric at DesignerShoes.com

Array by Naturalizer is a Low Heel Dressy Boot

Array has a great blend of a leather shaft, with a complementary elastic fabric back with a bit of extra give.

Naturalizer Glassy Dark Sienna Wide Shaft Suede Leather at DesignerShoes.com

Glassy by Naturalizer is a Mid Heel Casual Boot

Glassy can be dressed up or down, and sports subtle nailhead detailing on the ankle.

Browse all the Naturalizer Boots at DesignerShoes.com!

Happy Fall Shopping!

Shoe Lady

Women’s Shoe Width Conversion

Dear Shoe Lady,
I’m hoping that you can help. In the UK I’m a women’s size 7 with a width 6e. Please can you tell me what size that would convert to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Rachel,
You would be looking for a size 9 shoe with at least a double-wide width. I highly recommend taking a look at our size chart to get the closest fit possible. It is based on shoe length in either inches or centimeters as well as shoe width. Knowing your size is always one part of the search. The other part considering your foot’s volume, and the way a shoe is manufactured! Start there, and please let me know what the results are. In the meantime browse DesignerShoes.com selection of women’s size 9WW.

I love dramatic shoes and here is one of our top sellers available in size 9WW.

Bella Vita Athena Multi Snake Leather at AskTheShoeLady.com

Athena by Bella Vita is a Mid Heel Dressy Pump

Take care,
The Shoe Lady

The Shoe Art Project: Before the Show

It is the morning of May 7, 2011, and tonight is the MassArt Fashion Show, Voltage 2011. The show will feature Senior Collections. I met with Annika Benitz back in April as she began planning how she was going to redesign dyeable shoes in order to pair with her maternity collection, donated by DesignerShoes.com. Her solutions are virtually unrecognizable from the first time we met, and have been transformed into artistic creations.

Annika discovered that it was tricky to follow her initial plan, and opted for a more organic approach to redefining the shoes. She hand painted all of the shoes with techniques ranging from waterless dry brushing to using fabric paint. A highlight is the green flower stencil pattern she has created for a pair of wedged heels. The additions that enhance the bold use of color are the scraps of fabric used to adorn the front or heels of the shoes. Annika has bundled fabric from her maternity collection and added it to her shoes in order to link the designs together. The goal remains that the shoes will not be too easily matched with the outfits, but rather have the flexibility to work with a range of looks.

Without the accessibility to the dyeable shoes, Annika mentioned that she “probably would have purchased black shoes.” Considering, redesigning, and developing shoes as part of the outfit has been rewarding. “People noticed the shoes,” Annika stated after her Senior review. Shoe design is generally not part of the curriculum, but it was an added benefit to be able design for the complete head-to-toe look. Annika has worked tremendously in order to see her collection come together. I am thrilled to see the show tonight, and see Annika’s work come to fruition.

What USA Size and Width for a Bridal Sandal in Norway?

Dear Shoe Lady,

My name is Kjersti, and I’m writing from Norway. I’m thinking about ordering Dyeables Alyssa White Satin for my wedding, but I’m having trouble figuring out the right size.

I usually wear a EURO size 36, but since we don’t use Width sizes in Norway, I don’t know which USA size that would be correct.

My biggest foot is 23 cm long and 8,5 cm wide, something that would end up in a USA size 6 or 6.5 Medium. But that is about the same as a EURO size 37, which is usually to long for me when it comes to sandals.

I have also experienced that some sandals that I’ve bought in shops here at home can get a bit tight over my foot, but my ankles aren’t really thick.

What size would you recommend for me?

Thank you!

Dear Kjersti,

My goodness!  You are breaking my stereotype about Scandinavian women being tall with long feet.  You have tiny feet!  All your measurements suggest a USA size 6 medium or 6.5 medium.   But a EURO size 36 is closer to a 5 or 5.5 wide.  I tend to pay more attention to the size of the shoes you wear rather than the measurements you took because, well, who knows if you slipped up with the tape measure?  The difference between a size 5 and a size 6 is only 0.8 centimeters or a third of an inch!  So lets assume you should be looking at either a size 5.5 wide or a size 6 medium.

Alyssa, dyeable white strappy sandal by Dyeables

Now, down to business.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  The Alyssa is a beautiful shoe.  It doesn’t come in wide, only medium.  But it is very open.  I think you could wear a 5.5 or a 6 medium.  It depends on how close to the end of the shoe you want your toes to be.  If you  want only a sliver  of the shoe to show under your toes, go for the 5.5.   Otherwise, go for the 6.

Best Wishes on your special day!

The Shoe Lady

Get Friendly With Your Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,

I always wear down my shoes on the inside bottom of the heel area. Is this significant?


Dear Marli,

EVERYTHING about shoes is significant! Your shoes are telling you that you are probably a PRONATOR. Don’t worry, you will neither be arrested or required to change your voter registration. But knowing this will help guide you in your selection of shoes. A pronator has a type of foot that rolls far inward during the weight-bearing phase of the stride. This type of foot is characterized by a very low or flat arch.

Arches in your feet are more than just decorative features. According to the folks at Northwestern Health Sciences University: Discovering what type of shoes, (especially running shoes) you need has a lot to do with simply looking at your feet, which is the first step to finding the right shoe for you. There are three different foot types, based on the height of your arches. A quick and easy way to determine your specific foot type is called the “wet” test. Pour a thin layer of water into a shallow pan; wet the sole of your foot; step on a shopping bag or blank piece of heavy paper; step off and look down; and analyze the shape of your foot and see if it matches with some of the foot types mentioned below.

Normal (medium) arch: If you only see about half of your arch you have the most common foot type, meaning you are a normal pronator (your foot can support your body weight without problem). You can wear just about any shoe but may be best suited to a stability shoe that provides moderate arch support or medial stability.

If you are a lightweight runner, you may favor a stability shoe with a moderate level of arch support or medial stability. Lightweight runners may want neutral-cushioned shoes without added support or a performance training shoe that provides some support but less weight for a faster feel.
Flat (low) arch: If you see almost your entire foot, you have a flat foot, meaning you are an overpronator (your foot and ankle have problems stabilizing your body and shock isn’t absorbed properly). Mild to moderate overpronators need stability shoes or motion-control shoes that have devices such as dual-density midsoles and supportive “posts” to reduce pronation. Severe overpronators, as well as tall, bow-legged runners or people over 165 pounds need firmer support devices.
High arch: If you see just your heel, the ball of your foot and thin line on the outside of your foot, you are an underpronator (meaning the force of impact is not evenly distributed, resulting in too much shock traveling up your legs). Neutral-cushioned shoes are recommended for you because they have a softer midsole to encourage pronation. No stability devices should be added because they reduce pronation.

And, of course, I recommend reading up on shoe fit here, too. http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/measure-feet

Aren’t you glad you asked?!?
The Shoe Lady

Shoes for a Tall Lady to Wear to a Reunion?

Dear Shoe Lady,

I want to look terrific at my reunion this spring.  What do you suggest for shoes?  By the way, I’m on the tall side.


Dear B.T.,

First, I’m guessing that because you mentioned you are tall, you are looking for lower heels?  High heels can be lots of fun for tall women.  But here I’ll stick with lower heel suggestions.

Sandals are great, whether they glitter with rhinestones, 


Montaege Pocahontas Black w Crystals - DesignerShoes.com

shine with patent


Aerosoles Gaduation Black Leather - DesignerShoes.com

or metallic finish leathers  or go earth tones with fabric and leather weaves .  I also love the by Special Occasions worn with stove pipe, cropped or capri pants – a glittery,


Softwalk Rodano Bright Multi - DesignerShoes.com

feminine, flattering footwear look and comfortable too.  


Special Occasions Glamour Ballet Black - DesignerShoes.com

Top it off with a flowing tunic or cascade coat top from Truly Your. It’s hard to find interesting clothes when your tall.  These floaty, colorful tunics and tops are extra long and look great at a party! If you are inclined to want to stand out in the crowd and flaunt your own fashion sense, try designing your own footwear.  


Touch Ups Letitica White Satin - DesignerShoes.com

Dyeable shoes are low priced and versatile. Don’t just think of them for proms and weddings.  Go get some fabric markers or fabric paint.  Order a plain white ballet flat, a white wedge pump  or a peep toe slingback.  Go to town with your own design right on the fabric!   ….. and send us a photo of the results!

Have fun!

The Shoe Lady