Needing ALL Leather Shoes

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have developed an allergy to shoes that have synthetic/rubber soles. Do you have all leather shoes with leather soles and insoles available? I typed in all leather and it still gave me rubber soled shoes.

Hi Donna,
With regard to the site search it’s because most of our shoes are made up of multiple types of materials. I will make sure to all “all leather” as a keyword to narrow your results to ONLY shoe constructed of 100% leather.

Have you tried our Rachel shoes by Softwalk? They have softleather and foam on the inside, but rest assured, no rubber insoles!

Softwalk Rachel Black at

Rachel by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Pump

Or, if you wanted a pair of boots, Softwalk also makes a cute pair called Trieste in dark brown.

Softwalk Trieste Dark Brown Suede at

Trieste by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Bootie

Softwalk shoes in general are a great brand to accommodate your rubber allergy, browsing our site for this brand, you will see a plethora of different styles to meet your shoe needs!

Happy Holidays!

Slender Long Feet

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have a daughter who is 13 and wears an 11.5 to 12 narrow width. Do you think you can help me to find her a more modern shoe than they have in the stores and more of an variety?

Dearest Hazel,
We have so many options to choose from! Our website features a very wide variety of sizes & widths including narrow, slim and extra slim, so no worries on finding the right size and style for your daughter. If you were looking for a dressier option, may I recommend Trotters Janna? Such a simple, classic heeled shoe would be perfect for a 13 year old. The Trotters brand offers narrow widths in sizes up to a womens 12.

Trotters Janna White Pearl

Trotters Janna White Pearl

For a little bit more style and warmth, I would like to shoe- I mean ‘show’ you (I’m very excited about these) the Softwalk Dani boots. These ankle boots are very ‘in’ right now and they make a perfect present this time of year.

Softwalk Dani Black

Dani by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Bootie

If, however, you are more interested in casual, yet classy looking shoes- one can never go wrong with a great pair of flats such as the Antia Abella shoes in black. Although simple, they are versatile enough to go with any outfit, for almost any occasion. Happy Shopping!

Antia Abella Black

Abella by Antia is a Low Heel Casual Pump