Thick Ankles and Heavy Calves

Dear Shoe Lady,
Strappy shoes look awful on me; peep toe shoes seem way to narrow – I have a wedding to attend and the dress I’m wearing is eggplant in color, and comes just above my knee, some what fancy. Can you suggest something that would look nice?

My foot measures 9-1/2 in length, across the toes it is about 3-1/2 wide and the arch of my foot is about 1-1/4 in from the ground. Also a friend says I should wear plain black leather, but I think I should either wear cloth or maybe even patent leather??? Not sure.

Hi Michele,
Eggplant sounds like a beautiful color for the wedding. Black shoes are also good choices (and a wardrobe staple), but I would also look into complementary colors to make what you are wearing pop. In this case it would be yellow or gold in order to highlight the eggplant color. Side note: have you considered an insert for the ball of your foot for peep-toe shoes? It might not be that the shoes are too narrow in the front, but that your foot is being wedged due to slipping forward into the front of the shoe.

Trotters Francesca Yellow Ochre at

Francesca by Trotters is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Francesca by Trotters has intricate embroidery to create a beautiful texture. Flats can still be dressy at an event, and a foot saver if you plan on hitting the dance floor!

Have fun at the wedding,
The Shoe Lady

Painful Thong Sandals

Dear Shoe Lady,
What can I do to ease the pain my feet endure trying to wear thong sandals? All the cute sandals are thong type. I have tried using a bandage, but it does not help, just hurts.

Hi Gloria,
I understand the frustration of loving a style that has been less than kind to your precious feet. Before ruling out thongs completely I suggest going to the podiatrist to see if your toes are aligning properly, and there isn’t an underlying foot problem, such as a bunion. Discomfort can appear to be magnified if your big toe is pressing too hard against the second toe. You could also be sensitive to the friction of the material, and might consider looking for one that is closer to satin. If you find that your foot health is not a concern, then seeking another type of sandal will be your best bet. The good news is those alternatives exist! Search for sandals that are similar to thongs, but that cause less friction to your toes.

Annie Bejeweled Silver at

Bejeweled by Annie is a Mid Heel Dressy Sandal

Bejeweled by Annie has a tapered front that suggests a thong, but has coverage over the toebox, for a more evenly distributed secure hold.

Good luck on your search,
The Shoe Lady