Two Different Foot Sizes

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am a parent of a child with hemi hypertrophy of the lower left extremity. Our problem is finding shoes, we can generally find a new balance that will accommodate her feet, but as far as finding little girl shoes to go with her uniform, and or girly flat boots for the winter, it is virtually impossible, just because of the width. Do she wears about a 7 on her regular sized foot, and the left she wears somewhere around an 11 or 12, but maybe even a 10 if we can get the width correct. My question is do you make those type of shoes, and if so, would I half to purchase 2 pair of shoes (like i normally do) or since it is special made would you charge me for one?

Dear Mom-

Many years ago when the internet was young there was a company that tried to bring together a clearinghouse for people who needed two different sizes of shoes. Unfortunately, it never worked and is gone. The only way to manage this is to buy two pairs of shoes, same style, different sizes.

As for price, there is no discount. But you can always watch for sales!

As for style advice, I don’t know enough about the age and style preferences of your daughter to venture a recommendation, however we do offer over 200 pairs of flats that range in sizes from 7 – 15. Below is one (I think) cute example.

Barefoot Tess Tuscany Blue at

Tuscany by Barefoot Tess is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

I do hope this problem resolves itself so she can get back to more normal shoe shopping soon.

Best to you and your daughter.

The Shoe Lady