Tall Majorette Needs Size 12 Shoes, Must Wear Sneakers

I turned seven years old my shoe size was seven.  Every year older the shoe size fit the age. It was the 60’s and I lived in Kansas. Where to find a shoe for a twelve year old, six foot tall, with a size twelve foot?

Finally at twelve my shoe size leveled off to a size 12, (but now as an adult I wear a 13) I remember my mom taking me from store to store where a size ten was the largest size.  At twelve and a seventh grader I was chosen to be a majorette. I was required to wear a black and white oxford. I was so embarrassed trying every store with no hope. You couldn’t even order one. I ended up with a tennis shoe. Most manufacturer’s didn’t make a size above a 10 and they weren’t stylish and young but old and ugly. But now thanks to “DesignerShoes.com” I can leave all that behind.  And let me tell you I look like a designer in style!!!



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