Width depends on length

Dear Shoe Lady,
Do you deliver to Australia?
What width is my foot  = 10.5 cm. wide?

A from Australia

Dear A -
The width differs according to the length.  Please send us both measurements. We LOVE our Australian customers and would be delighted to add you to the list.

Shoe Lady

Dear S.L.-
Length 25.5 cm.
Width 10.5 cm.


Dear A-
The width differs according to the length. Based on these measurements, you are between a 9 and a 9.5 wide.  The differences are very slight, only 0.3 cm on the length.  And please keep in mind that we’ve only taken into consideration two dimensions, length and width.  You should also consider the thickness/thinness of your foot.  If it is thicker, more muscular, than average, you may want to go to an extra wide (WW).  Much of this size decision also depends on the style of the shoe you are going to order.  A round toed flat will be more accommodating for a wide foot than a high heeled, pointy toed pump.

The Shoe Lady

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