Woman In Search of Fashionable Size 11 Shoes

The first thing Dr. Paris announced when he pulled me from my mother’s womb was, “Well, she may be a ‘premee,’ but she SURE had a lot turn out for feet!”

Big-footed at birth with the most pitiful wail my mother said she ever heard a child cry, I continued that clamoring anytime I went searching for shoes. The well was dry. The scenario was dreadfully repetitive: “Looking for anything special?” the salesclerk would always ask.  “All the time!” I’d shoot back quickly.  It was the 70’s, and I was a woman in search of fashionable size 11 shoes. Wearing men’s sandals with socks wasn’t getting it! I got to the point where I’d just say to the clerk, “Got anything for these cruise-liners of mine that isn’t frumpy, matronly, or pumps?”

In the 80’s, I recall finding adorable, black, high-top, lace-up boots that were made in 11’s but the store wouldn’t stock them. They always had some lame excuse for not ordering them. So, I wrote the manufacturer directly. I dipped my foot in red paint, pressed my mammoth footprint on a page, and typed around it a pleading request to send me their boot in that elusive size 11. I was a desperate woman, emotionally and physically distraught!

Today, however, there are options!  It’s called DesignerShoes.com, and that’s no small feat (literally)! Imagine what it must have taken to pull this fabulous collection of shoes off for us.  Thanks to a weary friend, who was tired of hearing my plight for housing my feet attractively, I googled “BIG SHOES FOR WOMEN.” I will never lack again, thanks to DesignerShoes!



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