Need Size 14 Dress Flat

Dear Shoe Lady

Hope you can help me in my search of
a good looking flat dress shoe please

Barbara Joe


Dear Barbara Joe-

OF COURSE!  That’s my job!
I am assuming by “dress flat” that you mean dressy enough to go to the corporate board meeting at 8 AM, but not quite dressy enough for that black satin pants suit with rhinestone piping on the collar?
If we are on the same page, here are some styles I recommend in size 14.
Barefoot Tess Mckenzie Red
Barefoot Tess Murano :
Barefoot Tess Tuscany Barefoot Tess Murano Coral
Barefoot Tess Tuscany Blue
And, of course, there are more where these came from.  Search by size and heel height.
Happy Shopping!
The Shoe Lady