Spring Wedding Shoes that Glitter Are Not In The Men’s Shoe Department

When I was a little girl, I fast outgrew the brightly colored kids’ shoe sections.  Shoe shopping was a chore during which I had to watch my younger sister try on the best ones, and I had to wear the boring black lace-ups because they were the only ones that fit.  My mom made valiant efforts to help me see it as a family trait: “Grandma’s feet were large and wide too, and here, look at mine!”  But she was just a size 9.

As I grew older and started desiring heels, I only owned a few pairs of shoes.  Dress shoes were out of the question, but sneakers were easy to get in the men’s department!  When, however, I moved to Boston, a whole new world was opened up to me through DesignerShoes.com.  I realized that my feet aren’t in fact that huge, and that they can actually look really cute.  I’m currently looking for shoes to wear with my spring wedding gown and plan to wear a strappy pair of gorgeous heels with glittery things on them.  I actually believe that I can find something like that now.



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