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Q: I have a long, narrow, foot, with one foot being a full size larger  than the other – more like a 12 AAA on one foot and 11 AAA  for the  other. You told me quite some time ago about the problem you are  having with shoe companies eliminating the narrow sizes and your hope  to find some that would be more accommodating to the needs of so many  of us. Whenever I order 12 N, I literally walk right out of both of  the shoes – a lot of the “cute” shoes only go up to 11 M (no narrows)  and I’ve ordered some of those, but in every case, have literally  “walked right out of both shoes” –  to the point where it’s almost a  danger for my foot to slip and is a huge effort even to try them out  on the carpets!

I LOVE the looks of the Naturalizer Cyanne blue denim

Naturalizer Cyanne Spring Denim - DesignerShoes.com

Naturalizer Cyanne Spring Denim – DesignerShoes.com

naturally, it doesn’t come in a N in the 12 and even if it did, it would probably be too wide & I’d walk out of it. My question is whether you think an 11N might “work” – not for mall or street walking, but enough so that I could cover my route when I volunteer at the hospital? Open toe shoes are not allowed and I need something that I can not only stand in, but be able to walk throughout the hospital. Sneakers don’t quite “cut it” and in the warm weather, I really like to wear a skirt occasionally and not just slacks all the time, so would like a good-looking, comfortable, shoe that is not “dangerous” for me to wear!!!!

I had wondered if the elastic vamp might be of some help in holding the shoes on and if the denim would be a soft enough fabric so that there would be some “give” to the shoe for my longer foot.

Will be interested in your opinion.

Charlotte –

I just handled a similar question. The shoe makers aren’t getting better about this.

As for trying an 11N, everytime I have made that kind of compromise myself, I’ve regretted it. If you are walking around a hospital being helpful and your toes are scrunched – you will most likely not be pleasant. You can try it. In some instances it works. But that kind of adjustment in size and width usually works for people with wider, more flaccid feet. I’m guessing yours are nerves and bones. They won’t like to be pushed around into a different shape.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

The Shoe Lady

4 thoughts on “Long Narrow Feet !

  1. I like the shoe shown above and have the same problem “Long Narrow Feet”.. only mine are a size 13. I see that you have size 13 shoes but they start at a medium and yes, I can walk right out of them. I’d love so much to buy a lot of shoes.

    Who ever makes shoes needs to realize that just because the foot is a little longer …. it doesn’t mean that it is wider.


  2. I also wear a 12 AAA and I have settled for Narrow and then walk right out of them. When will shoe makers realize they are losing sales because we tall girls can’t get fitted properly. I search the web regularly hunting shoes to fit.

  3. I wear a 12 or 13 (depending on the shoe) and easily need 3A or 4A width (again depending on the shoe.. I walk right out of 2A or N’s.. This is so disappointing.. Problem is.. are they losing sales.. we have to wear something even if we’re walking out of them..

  4. I am in the same boat! 12 4A with a 6A heel if I could get it. My feet are sloppy in almost every pair of shoes I own. Would buy MANY pairs if I could find shoes that fit.
    Munro (American) best bet but sell out of narrow widths quickly and arches are not high enough.

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