Online Only?

Dear Shoe Lady,
Do you have a store that I can go to — my daughter needs size 14 shoes?
Thank you,

Hi Marguerite,
We are currently solely an online storefront, while striving to provide resources for the best fit possible. One of our benefits is free one-way shipping in the USA on orders of at least $75 dollars. Another way we make our site user-friendly, is to provide reliable filtering options, to be able to pinpoint the target size. In doing an initial search for size 14 I have come up with a couple of styles. Do you know what kind of shoes your daughter needs?

Barefoot Tess Dublin Grey at

Dublin Ii by Barefoot Tess is a Low Heel Casual Flat

Dublin Li by Barefoot Tess has a beautiful antique quality with the hints of gold peeking through the grey microfiber.

Browse over 300 women’s size 14 shoes at!

The Shoe Lady

Hard to Find Women’s Size 10.5

Dear Shoe Lady,
Why is it so hard to find 10.5?

Well Lisa it’s hard but not impossible! Their existence shows that there is a need. It is hard to find most half-size shoes in every style. The reasoning goes back to the manufacturer. It is easier to try to fit someone into a whole size that might be a little too big (or too small in some cases) than it is to mass-produce shoes to fit the unique qualities of every foot. What I have found is that even though I look for my target size, it isn’t a guarantee of a perfect fit just yet. One will always have to factor in the style and shape of a shoe, as well as the length, width, and volume of one’s feet. Generally people can wear a bigger size of sneaker due to the extra padding, but look for a ballet flat that is true-to-size to make up for the lack of extra cushioning.

Browse over 850 women’s size 10.5 shoes at

One of my favorite new shoe arrivals available in women’s size 10.5.

Aerosoles Faximize Black Leather at

Faximize by Aerosoles is a Mid Heel Casual Slingback

All the best,
The Shoe Lady

All the best,

The Shoe Lady