Bettie Page Size 12 Platform Pump is Stunning and Wearable

Dear Shoe Lady:
Hi I like the Betty page Cheryl blue pumps and think the right size would be a 12 med width. I am 5.11 and weight 185 lbs… you think I could wear them?

Available in size 12.  Stunning.  Wear like a work of art.

Available in size 12. Stunning. Wear like a work of art.

Dear Garry,

I think the royal blue Cheryl platform pumps by Bettie Page are stunning.  Having spent some time in a school of architecture, I find the metal ornamentation to be a refreshing change from the usual gew gaws one finds perched on the vamps of shoes.  The color is terrific.  So.  I’m puzzled.  Why could you not wear them?
Let me think of reasons.  I strongly urge you not to wear them for running, jogging or even standing for long periods.  I do not think they would wear well outdoors in inclement weather.  If you have a strong desire to not appear taller than a potential partner, I would advise against these, unless, of course, your partner is over 6’5″.  These are showpiece shoes.  Wear them like a work of art.
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

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