Big Shoes On Porch Turned Date Into Husband

I bought my first house in 1995.  I wanted to keep my house clean, so I left my size 12* men’s Nikes on the front porch before going in.

On the night of my first date with my husband “to be”, he stopped to kiss me on the front porch.  It was the best kiss of my life!  He then asked me out again and again. We were married only 60 days after we met in 1996.  We celebrated our 9th anniversary this past month.

My mother commented to my husband how relentless he was in pursuing me in the beginning when my husband replied, “I figured she was dating another guy when I saw the big tennis shoes on her front porch that first night, I figured I had to compete for her and show her I was the best one!”



*(note:  A men’s size 12 is roughly a women’s size 13.5 – 14)

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