As Child She Cried Leaving Shoe Store with “Granny Style” Shoes Size 9AAA

Having always been a hard to fit size with a AAAA width, my most visual memory is going into the local Stride Rite shoe store, where my parents had shopped for me since walking age. At age 12, I had outgrown all the Stride Rite sizes and was into adult sizes. But because of my narrow foot width, the only shoes that fit were what I called “old ladies comfort shoes”- size 9AAA.  I walked out of the store with my Mother crying because of these shoes and promised myself when I was grown I was going to buy all the pretty shoes I could.
Forty years later and now a 10AA, I’ve done just that- I own over a hundred pairs and always get compliments on my pretty feet and excellent taste in shoes!



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