From Childhood To Retirement, Narrow Feet Have Been Expensive

Since I started wearing shoes, back in the good old days, my parents had a very hard time finding shoes to fit me.  At first my feet were just very narrow but as I grew older the feet began to grow longer.  From the time I was 5 or 6 my feet grow with my age (Age 6, size 6; age 9, size 9; age 11 size 11 all in narrow) but thank goodness they stopped there.  There was only one store in our town that sold size 11 AA with AAA heel but they were more for mature people and of course had to be order special.  I know they were very expensive so I didn’t have the variety of shoes my girl friends had.  I remember when I was in high school wearing brown and white oxfords to school and I had one pair of dress shoes for church and special occasions.

We lived in an area where shoes were manufactured and my parents looked into having a last made for me, but each style of shoe would need its own last.  I said no, as a teen I wanted as much of a variety of styles as possible.

As I grew older more manufactures started making size 11 narrow shoes but they were still very expensive.  My friends could buy several pairs for the price of one pair for me.

Now size 11’s are very common but as in all things, as I approached retirement my feet have grown again.  I now wear size 12 narrow or medium and there are very few available at any price and being retired doesn’t again I can’t afford high prices.  Try to find a snow boot in size 12, HA!

I blame my Father for these long narrow feet.  When he past away at 75 he was wearing size 14 narrow.  Thanks Dad!



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