Cops Confuse Her Size 13 Footprints for Burglar’s

I’ve had big feet since I was a little girl. I was teased a lot by other children. My mama always told me when kids pick on me to say God blessed me with big feet because tall graceful women always have balance.

When I graduated college I lived in a neighborhood that was OK, but had a lot of break ins. Sure enough one night my place was broken into. The day it happened was rainy and the ground was covered in mud. I was wearing size 11* men’s Timberland boots. The police and crime scene investigator came to check the place out and see if they could get any evidence. I followed them around the apartment without thinking to take my shoes off first.
The crime scene investigator looked around and noted, “looks like the perp didn’t wipe HIS feet before HE broke in. This might make good evidence against HIM.”
I stuck my boot covered foot into the print onto the carpet and told the bewildered cops, “those prints belong to me and I didn’t break into my own place!”



*note: ┬áSize 11 men’s is roughly equivalent to size 12.5 – 13 women’s.

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